Fresh Ink
03:44 PM

And by ink, I mean verbiage not tatouage.

Since 2005, I've been writing about my passion for tattoos near daily for Needled.com.

Today marks the last day of blogging for Needled ... And the first day on Needles and Sins, a site that talks tattoos and other fine art, plus music, shopping, book reviews, events, and so much more. .

Think of it as Needled Amped with more topics, more features and more kink.

This little blog will transform into a platform for other writers, podcasts, video blogs and maybe even a community where y'all can get involved. Big plans abound!

Highbrow for the underground -- and lowdown on the lowbrow. Something for everybody.

I welcome your ideas and thoughts for this new blogging adventure. Thank you so much for your support.

I smooch you!



I'm very excited about this new adventure of yours! I can't wait to see where you take it and where it takes you!! <3 Lots of love!!

Hey Marissa, can't wait to see what you have planned for this space. Have fun with it.

looks cool, loved ur last site...so ill keep an eye on this one

Fucking A Marisa!
I'll follow you into the fires of hell.
Or a crowed bar, whichever comes first.
Whatever. We at Father Panik Industries are your biggest fans and can't wait to see what you have in store for the future. We know it's will be great even if it's your grocery list.

Scott and Mika

Good luck on this new blog. I'll be subscribed.

bookmarked already

Good luck with the new blog. I have followed your tattoo writings for a while now, so I was panicked for a moment before I saw the new site. Keep it up!

I loved you on Needled.com, but this sounds like the beginning of something even greater.

Sudden changes a specialty... Good luck with the new blog.

oh FINE, it's back in my quick picks toolbar thingamajig.

needled.com- DELETED, needlesandsins.com- BOOKMARKED

what fools they be!!

Can't wait to see what my work blocks this new site as. Whether it be "cults and personal beliefs" (needled.com) or in RED "chatrooms do not enter". Hoorah!

You probably needed a change all the way around anyway...looking forward to the new blog. Email me when you get a chance please so I have your new email - I have some news to discuss!

Eh... that was kinda sudden. Anyway, good luck with the new blog - looking forward to an interesting ride :)

Man, I too was worried until I read that you were coming back to this spot.

Does that mean you didn't get my reply email the other night? Cuz I will resend it to whatever new email addy you throw my way.

Glad to have not lost you.


let's make this snow-day a code-day, baby.

I wish you the very best of luck with your new endeavours and hope that you continue to provide some of the best tattoo-related content available on the web.
Much British love!

Glad to be a sinner anyday!

Good luck! It's going to be FABULOUS!!! I luv u;)

Good Luck with the new site!!!

You know we'll follow you no matter where you're at!

Sacred Tattoo NYC

Woo Hoo!!

I look forward to the future of this site!

Be well,


Bookmark edited and ready to go!

Hail and good luck! You are an inspiration

SO FREAKING beautiful!

I've followed you forever...I never expect anything but the best, no matter the URL...Good luck with the new venture.

Wishing you good luck hardly seems necessary when you have both talent and a gift for gab...

Bonne Chance!

I just stumbled across your new blog... what happened wtih the old one and will they let you transfer all that premium content to the new one?

Matt, I sold Needled.com in 2006 to Rivr Media and they own the copyright and trademarks except to anything tattoo law related.

They kept me on payroll as editor until they ceased publication.

So I started this joint and it's been great!

Thanks for checkin in.

I have followed your tattoo writings for a while now, so I was panicked for a moment before I saw the new site.

Ralph Waldo Emerson~ The man is only half himself the other half is his expression.

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