A brief message...
12:47 PM
...from the desk of the Code Monkey in Residence.

After a solid few days of battling Movable Type modules and Stygian Snow-Elf templates on the icy cliffs of Hypetextian Mountain range, I have returned... battle-scarred and suffering from PTCS (Post-Traumatic Coding Syndrome), but triumphant in the quest for Promethean Flame a working blog. **

I welcome you all to the new and encourage you to report any bugs you find in the comment section of this post.  I still have more content/modules to add to what you see here, but suggestions for that kind of thing are also welcome.

** (Somebody please help me before I make another nerdy sub-reference worthy of a Gary Gygax publication.  Call Dr. Drew and have him meet me at the gentleman's club - I need a geek intervention of the highest magnitude)

From the wife of a man who actually spilt tears over the death of Gary Gygax, I say embrace your re-discovered dork factor. The backlog in expression is probably what got you through the initial coding effort! After all, it is what makes creative people infinitely more interesting. I have to say that M is officially my new found favorite tattoo blogger...uh...well maybe my only known tattoo blogger. However, anyone who inspires such senseless online behavior in you must be bringing out the best. I already love her way with language, and lets face it...she's hot. I plan on following in my spare moments and perhaps I will be inspired to leap under the pointy sharp hurty color wand like the rest of you and get inked. Best of luck with the launch of NeedlesandSins!

ah brian, i've missed your words too!

Hi Brian-
Congratulations on your triumph! If you go back in to battle and need an ally, call on me; I have wrestled the peculiar beast MT for many (many) years. Marissa is obviously near-and-dear and I'll do anything I can to help the world read her words.

kate and tracy - it's good to be back.

josh - thanks for the offer, man, i appreciate it.

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