Art Show: Dan Witz and -mar- @ Tattoo Culture
12:04 PM

This Friday, tattoo studio/art gallery hybrid and my second home, Tattoo Culture, is hosting the opening reception for an exciting show featuring photographer -mar-, and street and fine artist Dan Witz (profiled in the above video).

-mar- will present works described in art speak that's best quoted rather than me attempting it:

As a result of her unique vision, her photographs- which juxtapose the human form with bold color, stark contrast and intriguing texture- defy simple definition. Interpreted literally, as a record of an external reality, her images often evoke strong, visceral reactions in the viewer. Upon further reflection, her work is an achingly beautiful, emotional expression of an inner reality.
I love that sexy talk!

For art speak on Dan Witz, check out his feature in the March issue of Juxtapoz magazine. In this show, his fine art work will be on view -- oils and mixed media on canvas. If you can't make it to Williamsburg, Brooklyn, see his gallery work online here. May faves include MoshPit 2001 and Sapphire Lounge II 2008 (a perfect view of my old stompin ground).

The opening reception, March 20th, begins at 7PM until 10PM and is sponsored by Coney Island Lager (whose awesome logo is designed by TC resident artist Dave Wallin).

Hope to see ya there!

Thanks for introducing me to Dan Witz's work! Another inspiring artist! God, are you lucky that you get to go to their shows?! *so jealous*

Thanks, Debra.

I LOVE Dan's work and I think the open space of Tattoo Culture is going to be perfect for viewing. Will have photos from the event to share.


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