BellaVendetta at Dr Sketchy's Redux
02:34 PM
I'd like to take the opportunity to apologize to everybody at Dr Sketchy's In Die, Yuppie Scum live drawing event at the Slipper Room Saturday afternoon.

See photos here (not all that work safe).

Yes, I was the one in the back hootin and hollerin at the various sexy poses of the always hot but rarely work safe BellaVendetta and the lovely and agile Syd Bernstein. I get just a tad overzealous when I see the punk porn princess and perhaps took the Fourth Rule of Dr. Sketchy -- "Cheer. Loudly." -- a bit too seriously.

Compare the serious looks of the colored pencil pushers to me and the prize I won: A bright pink Etch-a-Sketch! Weee! Granted, it was awarded for yelling, not drawing, but I came to win, bitches, and as I don't have any artistic talent, I used the audience quiz break to bring home the booty!

3360653382_f815dc387d.jpgThere was, however, a lot of drawing talent in the audience. Even Brian got in on the action although still does not understand why he had to add a "happy carrot" to pose 5. [Bri also did the drawing above.] Evidently, he's yet to learn the mystery of Dr. Sketchy. But he will soon as we plan to attend the next NYC event on March 28th featuring Raquel Reed, and not just for the free cupcakes!

Speaking of delish cupcakes, Sketchy's Don Diva Molly Crabapple was not in attendance because she was educating the masses at SXSW. You'll be reading more about Molly here when Scarlett Takes Manhattan, her first graphic novel, drops soon.

Meanwhile, buy the book that had me fall in love with her in the first place: Dr. Sketchy's Official Rainy Day Colouring Book.

Thank you for the pictures. Now I can remember that day forever. By the way, never let anyone tell you you're cheering too loudly.

Man, I am sick of nuthin cool like this happenin in my town...

Lucky SOBs.

I shall rebel by looking at said risqué pix at my lame ass straight job.


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