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02:14 PM

scottcampbell tattoo.jpgScott Campbell can make a mean tattoo, as shown above, and now he'll be doing it amongst designer cheeses and fancy footwear in the latest Bond Street storefront called The Smile.

Yesterday, Urban Daddy profiled the new cafe/general store/tattoo shop, and by this morning, my Inbox was flooded with forwards of it with a range of critiques, from the positive (tattooing getting couture cred) to the bleak (another nail in the tattoo cool coffin).

What I found most interesting is this Observer article where Scott notes that tattooing at The Smile accommodates his high-end Manhattan clients who don't want to venture to his Williasmburg shop, Saved Tattoo: "Them walking into a tattoo shop is them leaving their turf, their comfort zone, so there's a little bit of hesitancy." [Yeah, I know. The skinny jeans wearing hipsters of BK pose a menacing threat to East Side socilaites.]

Scott is known for being the NY tattooist to celebs but it's his work on us regular schlubs where his A-list work is best demonstrated. Check his portfolio here.

If someone's not willing to "travel" across the river for a tattoo, chances are, they shouldn't be getting a tattoo... just sayin..

Scott is an amazing artist. His work is extremely well executed and always high caliber.

However, I gotta agree that part of the ritual of getting a tattoo is the idea of venturing into some place you may not feel entirely comfortable being in... not saying the establishment should be dirty or gross, or frequented by bike gangs, but the element of freedom should certainly have some sort of stake in a shop's business. This just seems a little TOO neat.

Then again, soccer mom's do make up a decent chunk of our business, so making them feel at ease is part of my job as well...

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