Caution: Roadwork Ahead
05:25 PM
please_stand_by.jpgIn case things start to go a little awry this evening at Needles & Sins, please be patient; these are your tax dollars at work (actually, scratch that - apparently our tax dollars are only there to bail out people who were supposed to be managing money in the first place).

So while Marisa is off enjoying the sweet stylings of Stevie Nicks & Co., most of my evening will be spent tinkering with code on the couch alongside my beer-throwing fridge as the Haitian Sensation retouches photos of naked boys and Nina The Cat decides to sharpen her teeth on any exposed and/or tattooed inch of skin in the apartment.  Oddly enough, I see this as a far better forecast than having to hear "Go Your Own Way" at the Garden.

More authors, new design elements and more functionality is on the way.  Bait your breath and wait, my little love-onions...
1 Comment

Beer throwing fridge... FUCKING. AMAZING.

I wonder if it works with bottles, as most of my favs come in bottles, not cans.

I would rather battle a flesh-chewing cat than Fleetwood as well... Sorry M... but there's talk of a beer serving fridge being involved!


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