Macallan, Muppets and Groucho Marx
07:10 PM
groucho.jpgMy father always made sure that I had a steady intake of Marx Brothers films when I was a wee lad.  Perhaps he realized that I a "wuss-bag sensitive-artist-in-training" and there was no point in trying to teach me how to throw a football, asthma notwithstanding.  Perhaps he realized that I would wind up angry at everything after puberty and my only saving graces would be punchlines, an arched eyebrow and an audiographic recall of every Bill Hicks recording known to man.  Or maybe he simply understood that life is one giant, fucking joke and if you don't teach your children how to laugh, sing and honk a horn to express their emotions, they'll wind up an emotionally crippled skidmark on the boxer-briefs of higher consciousness. 

Regardless, those Marx boys understood satori... well, maybe not Zeppo, but I can't afford to digress just yet.

Younger readers might anchor this song with The Fisher King, but I first heard Lydia The Tattooed Lady when I saw "Day At The Races" (original song here) back in the era of black and white radio, at my father's urging.  The song had always stuck with me and, as I begin the work on my next two albums, it stood out as a tune worth a session of proper fuckery in my ghetto-fabulous home studio. 

It also didn't help when I discovered that Kermit covered the tune on the 2nd episode of the Muppet Show back in '76, singing to a redheaded circus freak, not unlike our dear hostess.

When you have a bootlegged copy of ProTools, buddies that work in the Food and Beverage industry who keep your bar stocked with 12 year-old scotch and your apartment looks like Guitar Center purged its bowels in an opium den, you have free reign to record songs at 3am. And with that, I leave you with my own shanty-town, sailor-saloon, carny-barker version of Lydia...

Brian Grosz - Lydia the Tattooed Lady

Love the backup singers. Far superior to the "Motown" AmIdol trio they threw on Fox tonight.

One day, I will see Dr. Grosz in person. I may have a giant foam finger, so don't be caught by surprise.

Dude, I too was steeped in the Marx Bros. by my father as a youngin. I think it's just good parenting. Perhaps it is our submersion into these classics that helped mold us into the subversive tattooed rockers that we've become... taking life with a bit more of a grain of salt than others. Maybe I'm stretching.

I was so stoked after reading/listening to this today... It may have made my day already. Thanx for that.

Your version is fun as hell. I felt like I should be standing around an upright piano with a mug of some cheap beer, slopping it around everywhere whilst singing along. When I make it out to New York we should make that happen.

That said, that damned song is going to be stuck in my head all day...

Why is Miss Piggy such an abusive jerk? Kermit needs an intervention from Oprah.


... and two hard boiled eggs.

Its some real Wrath of Khan shit, Justin... I've woken up singing that tune four days in a row and I CAN'T GET IT OUT OF MY EAR!

This is my first introduction to both the Marx brothers and the song, but it is definitely some subversive, glorious shit. Absolutely brilliant find and even more brilliant to add your own version.

This is the kind of thing that is begging to become a life meme. It should be playing at all tattoo parlors, bar mitzvahs and anywhere else where culture is still breathing.

I'm buying sleeve suspenders as we speak and preparing for the inevitable bar fight that will occur once Lydia chooses only one of us to blow a kiss to at the end of the ditty.

Hey B - Wanna do a hip-ho remix?

hip-hop remix? sounds very interesting. though, admittedly, my last venture into hip-hop production (with Kobe from Us3) did not turn out all that well - I don't know how to work Reason worth a good goddamn.

if you've got the skills to build the beats to pay the bills - i'm all ears.

The song is there. I'll just give you a sweet 16. All for the love of Lydia.


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