Death to Bad Furniture
06:23 PM
Signore Alighieri somehow managed to forget a ring of hell - or perhaps it was simply a footnote in Purgatory - but there is a special place that prospective real estate buyers go to experience all kinds of torment by way of fire, fecal matter, litigation and improper chiropractic adjustments.  And that, as they say, is "The Good Part."

But personal issues and a horrifying economic recession aside, I'm glad to announce that we're still progressing with changes here at Needles and Sins.  You'll find that all authors are now linked to profile pages that will display their last five entries and a wealth of information and links that will keep you amused for approximately 20 seconds.  We've added Twitter feeds to the right-column.  We're still working on logo development and, as we continue get contributions from other writers, the navigation is bound to change.  I would also find it very hard to say that there won't be new T-Shirts and swag abound in the coming weeks.

I have to go meet my publicist at a burlesque club in Chinatown, but I would be remiss to not point you towards some video footage from Sunday afternoon.  Sometimes, you just get really mad at Will Shortz after a couple of bloody marys and need to destroy some home furnishings.


Two things:

1. My favorite parts of the couch destruction were the cleaning and vacuuming and then the installation of the new couch... it just seemed like the adult ending to what any of our inner teens would do.

and 2. I want to do something so covert and chic as meeting a publicist at a Chinatown burlesque! It sounds like something out of a seedy detective pulp book. You need some sort of hard-nosed detective name for just such occasions...


That music was cool! Totally didn't suck.

JS - We may be a complete shitshow of adolescent behavior in this apartment, but we do believe in keeping things tidy.

FP - "Not sucking" is DoW's greatest aspiration.

This was so much more fun then I expected. At one point it looked like he was taping explosives to that sofa. Now, that would have been something. Though I think blowing things up requires more precautions than safety goggles.


"...a complete shitshow of adolescent behavior..."

I think I just found the new "Sounds Like" description for my band's myspace.

AND I have just been inspired to drink a bunch of really expensive wine and go blow shit up... maybe neighborhood trash cans...

We should party.


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