Superior Race?
02:36 PM

I am going to avoid levying the obvious insults. There really is no need to throw darts and arrows at a pig that is already stuck and bleeding, is there? 

Instead, I'd like to take this opportunity to practice a simplistic form of psychiatry and intellectual, sociological debate. If one goes so far as to consider themselves "superior" to all others, wouldn't one take better care of his appearance? Unless, one is so convinced of their superiority that they can then begin a process of personal degradation confident that they will never reach the "inferior" level of those they compare themselves against. But, if this were the case, then why announce your at all. Wouldn't it be obvious? And, wouldn't our inferior intellect be unable to grasp the ironic diversion and self-mutilation that is your bad tattoos?

Oh, are a dichotomy, wrapped in a contradiction, smothered over with a bloody, pussy ooze of stupidity. Please keep on tattooing yourself, us Jews that do get ink enjoy a chuckle and you provide us with a constant source of amusement.



I need to make a quick clarification: being a skinhead does not make you racist.

It has been a common media mislabeling that anyone who follows the skinhead way of life is a neo-nazi. This is not so. While a good deal of all media coverage only shows us those who are goose-stepping assholes, there are a ton out there who are just hard-working, non-political, unaffiliated skinheads... they are called Traditional, or Trads.

Then there are those who are anti-racist. Often shunned by other skinheads, these folk are referred to as S.H.A.R.P.s: SkinHeads Against Racial Prejudice.

Some are even Jewish.

Historically, the skinhead way of life is based on the Jamaican immigrants of the UK mingling with the pre-existing Mod culture in the 50s and 60s. From its very inception, it has never been about race, only perverted to become such; there were some who exacted violence towards the large Pakistani immigrant population, blaming them for a sagging economy and a shortage of work. The weak-willed, bored and easily corruptible youth that were the skinheads of 70s and 80s were used by various UK political groups, namely the National Front, to be the henchmen of fascist agenda.

The U.S. history is fairly murky, but based on the UK origins. The differences mentioned above ring true here.

I know everyone dislikes wikipedia, but there is a great article on the skinhead history. If interested it can be found at:

That all said, I have often wondered why white supremacists, so outspokenly proud of their skin color, choose to cover up this glorious skin with black ink... seems kind of like an oxymoron to me.

Sorry for the length. I have much contempt for the vilification of skinheads when they are lumped in there with hate-mongering, misinformed, jerk-offs who preach their hate under the guise of skinhead culture.


lol someone is trying to be intellectual about being a skinhead

ok so when pakistanis, blacks and other raciest are raciest society accepts it however when a white persons raciest its frowned upon, wtf.

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