Tattoo Barbie or Why We Are Not Cool
02:06 PM


My tattooed brethren, we're fucked.

We've grown to accept the reality shows, trucker hats, and even tattooed blogging lawyers, but the final nail in the tattoo cool coffin is drillin down like a kitchen table scratcher in his meth trailer.

Behold: Totally Stylin' Tattoos Barbie. [They left off the 'g,' coppin' my "writin' voice."]

And yes, I really did purchase it from Amazon.

Maybe it was the "tattoo gun" that lets us pretty up our own bods as well as Barb's. Maybe it was the kicky outfits, perfect for the Mattel-sponsored tattoo convention. Maybe it was because it pisses off conservatives.

More likely, my motivation is to keep a bit of today's Americana to look back upon when the "trend" -- granted a trend for thousands of years -- passes.

Plus, I really don't find tattooed Barbie as offensive as other coffin nails.

Let's list them:

Ok, if you got ya own death knell for tattoo cool, throw it down in the comments section.


Not a fan of KVD eh? Yeah, sour grapes can taste real bad.

I think Kat is a talented tattooist. But a tattoo book being on the Times best seller list makes me giggle for sure.

I looked at this morning and he had shots from Britney's concert last night and she is sporting a full on faux tattooed body suit under her costume. (yes i look at perezhilton every day while shamefully giving my dignity a going away party one).

Tattoo Barbie, huh? My neice already coats herself with fake tattoos thanks to her aunt & uncle. Now I know what to give her for her b-day!

Can we say Ed Hardy by Christian Audiger? Holy crap, talk about capitalizing on a trend. If there has ever been a more over-hyped, over-priced load of bullshit, I haven't seen it.

Now that we've jumped the tattooed shark, maybe the whole "tattoo lifestyle" trend will fade away from the public eye and we can be left alone to ink our bodies in peace without people thinking we
are following the fad crowd.

I went to the chemist shop to get some Bepanthen aka tattoo aftercare cream yesterday. Headed straight for the baby isle which is where it usually lives, because the stated purpose of that stuff is for nappy rash, nipple rash, bum rash, whatever. Can't find it and ask the store guy who yells out like he's Mr Cool "is that the one for tattoos or the other kind??" Everyone's a tattoo expert now it seems, even in the baby rash section.

Fuck it, I'm just gonna get my hands tattooed and then start punching people in the mouth that I don't like. Starting with Mr. Cool pharmacy dude. You heard it here first..

I was watching CBC News this evening and they talked about this damn Barbie...the fucking news thinks its important haha and it wasn't even Fox

Ed Hardy sheets and duvets at Bed Bath & Beyond.

I can't believe they're worried about tattooed Barbies. She already had a rack that would make her unable to stand upright if she was a real person.
I guess people only care about certain "body modifications"

aside from the rack, am i mistaken, or is this barbie sportin' a little more junk in the trunk than the standard issue?

Kat posted some of her new stuff and let's face it, her work has seriously suffered, due to her constant need for fame!

Why do you have to say it pisses off "conservatives" ? My ultra-liberal in-laws and their friends are way more judgmental about tattoos and body art than almost anybody I know. I think ink pisses off anyone who's pigmentally challenged, no matter what their politics may be. Hell, I even know some self styled "libertarians" who would close tattoo shops if it was up to their personal preference.

I don't know what's worse, the ongoing commercial bastardization of tattoo culture or my peers worrying about whether or not people think they are "trendy." I'm tired of all the pigeon-holing. Too bad if strangers assume I'm "trendy", I'm having a damned good time!

I think what makes this worse than most other things is that it is people who have no love or respect for tattoos or tattooing at all. They are only cashing in on it, not respecting it.

I think that the exploitation of tattoo culture has been going forever, it has just been done by those who at least appear to give a damn about the industry. Need examples? Just look at all of the merchants at conventions... we don't say anything about them peddling tattoo related/influenced gear because they are "one of us", when aren't they only selling "edgier" versions of that shit we can buy at Target?

I am not saying don't support our brethren at the conventions. I am just stating that we may be making much ado about nothing...

...On the other hand, ya'll know me and know that I can't tolerate corporate schmucks whoring out my beloved art... I too think I am gunna get my hands tattooed and start jaw-jackin' bitches.

Ante up.

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