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Photo of Rockin Rollers Derby by Natalie Ujuk via Londonist.

I know you've been starved of your tattoo news updates from the old times, but please, no Top Model mob behavior please. I appreciate your patience, the way you smile with your eyes, and how you let me talk incessantly about myself ala Tyra, and for this you will be rewarded with an extra-yummy news update. But first, go eat a cookie.

I, for one, prefer beautiful women brawling on skates, like The Broads of London's Rockin Rollers. Check out the fabulous photos of them by Natalie Ujuk on Londonist.

Ok, onto the headlines ...

The biggest news: TATTOO KILLS MAN! Sadly, a UK man died 10 days after his calf tattoo, which had gotten infected, but the cause was actually deep vein thrombosis, when a blood clot traveled to his lung. Granted thrombosis could have arisen from his inactivity in healing the tattoo but that is one of many potential causes. Still, the story will motivate me to get off the couch after my next session.

[Death may be an extreme fear but infections are not uncommon. Read about it here.]

Even the mere fear of infection has sparked a $20-million class action lawsuit in Canada. Lesson here:  no matter how clean your studio, make sure that all your inspections, autoclave spore tests, and associated hygiene practices are in order, not just to protect clients but your studio from suits.

The biggest non-news:  Suicide Girls get bacon bro tattoos at SXSW! My girls at SG are trendsetters as the bacon tattoo is lookin like the new tribal armband.

The biggest dirtbag news:  Roxbury tattooist Jeffrey Dekmar is charged -- for the second time -- with sexually assaulting clients. Read the disgusting details from the arrest report:

"The patron wanting the prayer inked on her skin has alleged that she refused Dekmar's request that she remove her underpants, but that he yanked them down, digitally penetrated her, and then said, 'My bad,' according to an arrest affidavit."

Ok, this is all too depressing, let's move on to some eye candy...

tiger-tattoo.jpgNewsday has an extensive article and video on Long Island's top tattooists, which includes some of my faves like Japanese specialists Horifudo and 25-year tattoo veteran Cliff. 

But glaringly absent were the historic Wally's Tattoo and internationally renowned tattooist Mike Rubendall of Kings Ave Tattoo, whose work is shown left.

Wally's is named after one of the legendary Bowery boys, Walter Moskowitz, who died just two years ago. Walter's father taught him the tattoo craft and now his son Marty continues that tradition at Wally's.

Mike Rubendall is one of the most sought after tattooists, particularly for Japanese and Americana work. So sought after that his waiting list rivals that of Madonna's young Hispanic lovers. For example, much so that Brian's next appointment with 'Rube' (to get new work on his chest) is January 2010.

On a side note, we just discovered that one of the half sleeves Mike did on Brian is featured in the Juxtapoz Tattoo book. See the photo of that discovery here. [And don't mock the bedazzled tee!]

Some controversy about in the tattoo news ...

UK celeb tattooist, Henry Hate, is HIV-positive but says many of his clients, like Amy Winehouse and Boy George, know although he generally keeps it under wraps while taking extra precautions. This raises the question as to whether he should inform every client. Needle slips are common in tattooing -- check the little dots on the fingers and hands of some tattooists. Granted, HIV is a fragile virus and no known cases of transmission in tattooing have been documented, but there remains a slight risk. It's a tough question.

Another controversy lies in a gang and prison tattoo removal program. Countless article like this one bemoan the $200,000 earmark to the program in these tough financial times. On one end, it helps those in the program move away from criminality, get jobs that they couldn't get with the tattoos, and contribute to society. On the other hand, editorials have argued that the money if needed for other programs, say, in education and health care, and the gangbangers need to pay for removing their tattoos on their own.

A Glasgow tattoo shop caused a stir when it advertised -- in their window -- "Numbing creams available" and underneath it states "exclusively for poofters." The homophobic slur got the attention of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender center in Glasgow, which issued a warning to take it down or lose business (or even face legal measures). Personally, any studio advertising that they use numbing cream needs a good drag queen stiletto kick in the ass anyway, slur or not. 

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I has no cookies... I eated them all...

The bedazzled shirt is frickin awesome. It is certainly no worse than those Christian Audigier contraptions (where ya at P. Sull?) and it's DIY, so it gets punk rock points... I am jealous. I would like one of mine own someday. (On a side note, is it scary that the word "bedazzled" doesn't get red-flagged by Firefox spell check? Me thinks yeah.)

I am still on the fence about "free" gang tattoo removals... on one hand I think it is great because it helps people escape the shackles of poor decisions and move on to better lives. On the other, is there evidence to show that removal deters repeat offenders... Then there is the tax money issue, which I say is worth it if it does do the good it is intended to do.

Fuck Brian Austin. Apparently, Ms. fox is not only amazing eye candy, she is smart as well.

Whether he is a creep or not, I still think that using tattoos as evidence is wrong. Unless it has direct relevance to the case (e.g., the tattoo is being used to identify the accused as the the one who robbed the bank), then it shouldn't have any bearing in the verdict being decided. Just because this guy is a self-proclaimed Satanist, it doesn't mean that his beliefs or tattoos had anything to do with his decision to kill... plenty of tattooed Christians kill too, no?

Thanx for bringin the news ruckus... I missed it.


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