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In case you missed my last Needled entry on tattoo anthropologist Lars Krutak, I'm posting info on his new, wonderful show Tattoo Hunter, which airs on the Discovery Channel.

Check this week's episode, Saturday at 1PM, where Lars "treks deep into the jungles of Indonesia in search of the spirit tattoo of the Mentawai tribe."

Read about his fascinating experience online. Here's a taste:

[...] another way the Mentawaians keep their souls "close" is by beautifying the body. Individuals, be they male or female, who neglect their bodies by not keeping them beautiful with beads, flowers, sharpened teeth, and especially tattoos will cease to be attractive to their souls. In such cases, the soul may decide to leave its human host and roam about the body free. But if the soul does not return to its home, it may decide to withdraw to the ancestral world at which point that person must die.

The following episode airs March 21st at 1PM and finds Lars in the remote mountains of the Philippines in search of the tattoo of the Kalinga head hunters. A must see!

Tattoo Hunter is not the only tattoo travel show. Coming this Spring ... Tattoo Highway.

Ok, I know it's unfair to juxtapose a show that has a tattoo scholar offering culture, history and adventure against one where a "reality tv star" travels across America in his mobile tattoo parlor called "Ministry of Ink." But it has potential to be the fruity dessert to a meaty dish. Here's a taste of what you'll find there:

The tattoos viewers will see Pendelton create this season include a memorial portrait created from the ashes of a man's wife mixed with ink; a tattoo that can only be seen under a black light; a giant gorilla riding a scooter, and a pair of matching eggplants.

They had me at the memorial done with ashes but, yeah, lost me at the gorilla and eggplants. Really?


I have to share with you that regardless of Thomas having a good, bad or possibly fluffy show, I am a fan. Before the holiday season I did some early shopping from his Ministry of Ink site. Things got wacky and my product did not show up. I was very patient. His staff communicated with me openly and we gave it additional time. In the end Thomas gave me a full refund, shipped me tons of product and a note apologizing for the issues. I give him full credit for being a stand up guy & smart business man! Now Vegas mail is whole other issue....

It would be way more bad ass if the gorilla were riding an eggplant scooter... and only visible under black light.

That Lars show really makes me wish I had the cables. It looks so cool. Maybe I can find it on the internet.


Alright, so we recorded the show and sat down to watch it the other day.. We got about 15 minutes in and, while the content had the potential to be compelling, the whole "scripted" aspect of the show was kind of a bummer. So we turned it off. "Will they let us in to the tribe? Can the white man stay for the ceremony??" camera crews were already in place.
I'll absolutely give the show another go, I just hope it'll be less staged or more honest. Maybe I just have a tattoo sweet tooth –– tattoo highway here I come!

hey my name is cara I've just recently saw your show and thought that is was really cool what you guys do I've been wanting a tattoo for so long something that represents my dad cause he is the army and right know hes over seas in Iraq and i miss him terribly but i just wanted to comment on your guys show i think its really cool

I'm the guy who had the gorilla riding the Vespa tattooed on my back. I'll never forget that day. Thomas and Tommy are really cool guys. My episode was edited really well, I didn't realize how nervous I was at first.

i want to se a pic with krutak myriapod tattoo

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