An Ode to Regulated Tattooing
10:32 AM
tattoo law.jpgI woke up this morning ready to tackle a monster To Do list and instead have to add another task:  Kick Bobby Fisher's ass.

In his drug-fueled post to criminalize tattoos, Bobby is essentially saying that the greater accessibility of tattooing has led to the loss of magic the art once possessed when it was underground, and also more bad decision-making as they are now so easy to to obtain. [Bad decision-making like giving Bobby a password to blog here?]

To this I say to Bobby and all those bemoaning the lost badassness of tattoo's history: Get the fuck over it.

My first tattoos were "illegal" in NYC. The tattoo ban was not overturned until 1997.  Yes, there were basement apartments to venture to, secret buttons to push and some cloak and daggerness involved  all of which you instantly find less cool when the needle starts buzzing and you're wondering whether the autoclave is working or just used for storage.

You can keep your Hep C, Bobby Fisher.  Give me Barbie dolls in the seat next to me over staph infections.

Legal tattooing also means that artists get to focus on something more important that outrunning (or paying off) cops: the art.

Talk to the old timers of tattooing and they all agree that the level of artistry in the tattoo community has grown exponentially in recent years because of its accessibility. Artists new to tattooing don't have to reinvent the wheel, so they can learn those basics faster and more on to refining and experimenting. The "earning it" may be lost but, in the end, I'll take it if it means I'm walking around as a beautiful work of art.

And speaking of, Bobby ain't running around with scratcher ink. He pays the big bucks for work from one of NY's top studios, NY Adorned, so either he's slingin crack to afford it or is really Bemie Madoff.

And like Bernie, if Bobby wants to go back to the good old days of criminal life, I'll send him the Astroglide to make the transition smoother.   


Amen, sister!

Bobby Fisher has ink from Together Forever and them cats at Tuff City. Each learned their craft in the pen. Don't get it twisted just because I show you only the pretty stuff. I didn't want to offend your feminine sensibilities.
Now, please stop thinking about my ass.

So, come clean, the real reason please. Why did you give the "poster child for abortion", the password so he blog here?

Jamie Foxx told me to Blame it on the Alcohol.

Damn Regina,

Poster child for abortion, huh? I guess we all understand your birth control techniques. Plan B is not supposed to be your plan A, got it?

Don't you feel that your comment is slightly offensive, a smidgen hateful and just a whole heaping colostomy bag of incorrect. Oh wait, no, that isn't your comment I am talking about..that is just your grammar. Take a class from Bobby and you might just learn how to write.

As for your comment, that was just uninspired. Guess we know why I have the password and all you got is some vacuum scars around the mid-section.

I'm not sure old timers would understand "don't get it twisted."

Y'all play nice.

This is not gonna turn into juvenile flame forums. Plenty of other sites for that.

Next time I'm hittin the delete button.

I'm sorry.
I love you all.

P.S. P. Sull made me laugh lactose-free soy chocolate soy milk out my nose.

(bombin' blog squad enters the e-building) Damn ya'll, leave Big Bob alone. He was just expressing his point of view on tattooing becoming a less exclusive and "cool" to some degree. When you have as much ink as him, I think you have a leg (or some sleeves) to stand on. Either way, what fun would a blog be without alternate points of view? That's the fun. Or you can just continue to talk shit to him, and lose the verbal sparring match 10 times out of 10. Then you can get your friends, and then the Fish will have to bring me, Zoltan, Dasco, The Black Hero, and the rest of the Bombin' Blog Squad to hurt everyone's feelings in unison. Then the comment section of your favorite blog becomes the blog version of the movie "The Warriors." And then we all feel stupid for wasting all our time. Hey, teachers, leave that kid alone....

Waaaaaaaarrioooooooooorrrrrrsssssssss..... hahaa let's all just go to Coney Island already.


can I go on the C.I. field trip?


As long as you wear your respective gang colors/hilarious uniform?

As long as you wear your respective gang colors/hilarious uniform?

As a faithful follower of BOMBIN' since its inception, I am accustomed to Mr. Fisher's coarse and "no bones about it" style. He often provokes readers so they are encouraged to see mutli-dimensionally. It doesn't mean everyone has to agree with his view; in fact, he seems to thrive with the sparring which hopefully, opens his eyes to alternative views.

In this case, I see his point with having tattooing retain some kind of exclusivity. A lot of people like to feel like an elitist, like they've earned a special rite. Once its mainstream and anyone can have it, it's no longer special.

I'm with you Marisa. When I'm ready for mine, only sterile needles and a respectable artist will do. Legal or not, bad ink, tramp stamps, random, meaningless tribal bands and the occasional rose will find its way to skin. I'd prefer to have less disease in the world and allow for artists to practice without constraint.

Thank you for your defense, Dolce. And, whutz..I appreciate you attempting to bring the entire cast of characters over. But, its ok. Bobby is gonna be alright. Basta!

When we going to Coney Island? Beers at Cha-Chas on me for anyone I've offended.

Mea culpa

Cha Chas!!! I'm in!

if i pretend to have been offended, will you still buy me beers, bobby?

(and thanks for saying Cha-Chas and not Chi-Chis, the most horrifying gay bar i've ever been dragged to)

I'm in, even if I gotta pay for my own beers... but we're still gunna play Warriors, right?

Never been to C.I., but being a big fan of the flick and the deep tattoo history roots there, I have always wanted to visit.


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