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tattooedportraits.jpg Painting from Shawn Barber's Tattooed Portraits Series

Today I took a vow of poverty for the next few months to finish my two tattoo-related books and get this site running on an even buzz, but that doesn't mean I plan on sitting home with my ramen and tippin the box wine every night.

Plenty of events going on around the world and I got my faves for the month right here:

First up, in LA next Tuesday, March 17th, the infamous Mark Mahoney of the Shamrock Social Club presents his annual St. Patty's Bash at the Roxy Theater featuring The Pricks and tattooed man-whore Mickey Avalon ["For twenty you get Chachi but fourty gets you Fonzie..."]. You can buy your tickets online for $21.50 at Ticketmaster. Doors open at 8pm. Shamrock Tattoo is also doing $25 shamrock tattoos all day and night Tuesday.

Next up, in Tampa, Florida, March 21st, our beloved Shawn Barber will be showing his Tattooed Portraits series at the RedLetter1 tattoo studio and art gallery (home to mega-talented Phil Holt). The show includes recent works and selected pieces from the past three years. The opening is from 7-11PM and is free to all. Then the next day, Sunday, March 22nd, Shawn will be doing a demo in the gallery where seasoned painters, aspiring artists, and art groupies can witness and learn Shawn's creative process. Admission to the demo is $100. [For a great interview with the artist, check his Fecal Face Q&A.]

While you're in Tampa, head to the 10th Annual Tampa Bay Tattoo Fest the following weekend, March 26-29. What's particularly interesting about the show is their $5 Thursday event. From 6-11PM, you can check out artists' portfolios, talk with them about work you'd like, and hopefully make an appointment -- leaving plenty of time for actual tattooing Friday through Sunday. I think it's a great idea but keep in mind that top artists usually book their shows in advance, so it's often better to plan further ahead. Check the artist list here.

Finally, in NYC, I'm gonna see if I can schedule a sexy Saturday afternoon to drool draw Bella Vendetta [not work safe] (yes, one of the Burning Angel porn goddesses), who is the featured model for Dr. Sketchy's Anarchism vs Capitalism event at The Slipper Room. The live drawing takes place from 4-7PM on the 14th, and admission is $12 at the door, $10 in advance. You must bring your own art supplies (and tissues).

PS: If you're in Bridgeport, CT tonight, check out Brian Grosz playing at Two Boots at 9PM.


TIP IT!!!!!!!!!

i threw that in for you, c!

Maybe not every night, but certainly every other night is OK?


Lord, do I wish I lived anywhere near Florida. Shawn's work just blows me away.
Never mind the burning angel, i'm solo fopping over Shawn's website!

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