Blackwork is Beautiful
02:32 PM
jacqueline tattoo.jpg
I'm been quiet here because I'm on deadline for my book on blackwork tattoos, but the boys have been blogging wonders, albeit cranky ones.

Blackwork is everything from traditional tribal tattooing, like the timeless Polynesian tatau ...

to neo-tribal made famous by Leo Zulueta and Trevor Marshall ...

to the dotwork technique mastered by artists including Xed Lehead, Dan DiMattia, Erik Reime and Colin Dale, among many others ...

to modern interpretations of non-traditional tattoo motifs like this henna-inspired work above by the fabulous Jacqueline Spoerlee ...

to the all-black graphic art of Yann Black, Jeff, Boucherie Moderne, Noon, and other French avant garde tattooists.

So that's what's keeping me busy these days, but I'll be back tomorrow with your news review.


you forgot Cliff Raven was doing modern tribal years before Leo and Trevor Marshall

You're absolutely right! Thanks, Nick!

My favourite blackwork comes from the genius of Jun Matsui

I was beginning to fear that you had been abducted, absconded or otherwise forced into hiding... some sinister plot hashed out by blogosphere usurpers, intent on claiming the throne of the tattoo blog empire. Apparently, these fiends we unable to prevent you from commenting on others' posts.

...or I figured you were just working out one hell of a hangover.

Good to hear that your absence has at least been a productive one.

I look forward to obtaining a copy of said literary delight... mayhaps I can get a signed edition?


Oh, no! I have a new WANT!

Cliff Raven apprenticed Pat Fish... and the circle of life continues :-) You gotta update my links Darling' :-)

Updated the link, dear!

Check out Colin's new studio Skin & Bone:

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