Danish Woman Celebrates 103 Bday with Tattoo
02:02 PM
103 year old woman gets a tattoo.jpg
Photos by Martin Foldgast for NU Magazine April 2009

Tattooing someone's hands and face may be illegal in Denmark but that didn't stop my friend, tattooist Colin Dale from satisfying the birthday wish of a 103-year-old rockin grandma bent on getting inked.

Colin went to the nursing home in Copenhagen where Karen Fredso Larsen lives and hand-poked a ring on her finger that symbolizes natural force and energy. Karen loved the Nordic mythology and petroglyph tattoos on Colin's beautiful wife Nanna and chose a design along those lines instead of a peace symbol, her original idea.  [If you scroll down, you can see Nanna showing her tattoos to the curious centenarian who even asked for a peek of her body art below the belt line.]

colin dale tattoo.jpgWhen commenting on whether the tattoo hurt, she said, "I have experienced so much in my life that this is nothing."

Brilliant! Wouldn't one be proud to have her as a (great) granny! Readers don't forget to scroll down for endearing pictures!

I want Karen Larsen. Gangsta like that ain't made, its born. I bet she could still pop out a few babies and they'd be the meanest sonsabches you ever seen.

What a rad story!

If this were America, and the same restrictions were in place, you can bet your ass that the cops would be waiting for Colin to put the first dot down and then both he and Ms. Larsen would be hemmed up.

I'm inspired for the day though.


I checked out Colin's work, it's amazing. Now how do I explain that I am off to Copenhagen to get a tattoo?

wouldnt it have been awesome if she had a heart-attack during the tattoo?!?


That is one classy tattoo. Fits her 103%

Love this ladies spirit she has obviously lived this long for a reason. the tattoo/art itself is beautiful, very simple, clean and classy. Great Story.

Hey there Im going to make a comment on somthing that was mentioned in this artical about how if Colin had Broken the law in north anerica to fulfill the Wish of an elderly Young lady There was some sarcasium Introduced in the artical However He Is telling the Truth to A point I have Spent the Previous 15 years Being Harassed By the Athorities In this wonderful Country Not for Doing aney thing wrong But For Hanging out and partying with people that That do Break the law Ive Bein living out in the fraser Valley British Columbia Canada.For the passed 15 years and Had aproximatly 17 charges ranging from assaulting A police officer Restricted Weponds Possessing Pocket knives Driving My car with 1 tire withy only 40% tred the other tires Had 90% to riding A peddle bike with out a Helmut or A head light and out of all the charges I recived I was NOT FOUND GUILTY Of one ofence However the Last 15 years of my life has been Kinda boaring with Bail and court ect Its Been verry un eventfull other than the horassment and the pepper spray Beatings from the cops this is the firsttime that ive been able to go and do what ever I please untill I get accused of somthing again that I Did not do However Im free to do what I wont untile they acuse me of somthing again I AM A FREE MAN Maby I will come to Visit Denmark Before My Next charge He! He! He! I would like to come Visit My Big Brother Colin Dale Grandberg I will Be seeing Him Hopefully In April Of 2010 Maby it will end the ten years Of Hell Thank you !!!

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