Evolution of a Backpiece
09:35 AM
I'm lovin watching the progression of my friend Sarah's horimono up close and beautiful, but you can check out it out yaself through her blog Evolution of a Backpiece.

The wonderful Stephanie Tamez of NY Adorned is creating the serpentine-centered work that evokes The Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. Nothing could better embody temptation more than beautiful tattoos on a beautiful woman.

The blog also reminds me of one of the first online tattoo chronicles by the great Keith Alexander (a dear friend who was taken too soon in 2005). He too documented the progress of his backpiece -- also tattooed at NY Adorned -- by Chris O'Donnell.

What I love about all these personal blogs is, not only watching the works evolve, but reading about healing techniques, the relationship with the artist, and the stories behind the design.

Tattoo geeks rejoice in all the bloggy goodness!

Great concept and wonderful execution. It helps demystify the entire process and creates a honest counterpiece to the glossy magazines that simply show the finished work but don't pay attention to the most important part of the work, i.e. the process of getting it. NY Adorned is a fabulous shop and Stephanie a gifted artist!

Do you suppose that anything interesting like this will make television in the near future? I mean, I think a lot of folks would find this interesting and it could help to show the tattoo process in an honest fashion. It could clear up a lot of confusion created by other "reality" shows. J

NY Adorned throws some good inks. Nice ink on Miss Sarah as well.


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