Joel Madden = Tattoo Criminal?
10:50 PM
Well, it looks like Bobby Fisher's tattoo re-criminalization wish may be coming true after all. Earlier today, Good Charlotte's Joel Madden was forced to cover his tattoos before a British Airways crew would allow him to board a flight. Check his twitter here.

Now, I spent a solid nine minutes (let's call it an even ten) reflecting on whether or not this deserves a post of its own, and even more time wrestling with having to link Twitter. But if it means I make a few enemies on this here interweb, then so be it. It's not my intention to give Mr. Madden and his merry band of tattooed popsters more press for being merry or tattooed. But the unbelievable discrimination imposed upon him by the staff at British Airways is inexcusable -- it's not simply in poor taste. Maybe they could have gotten away with it in previous decades, but no one (regardless of your opinion of them) should have to put up with that kind of prejudice.

The icing on this bigoted cake of intolerance, is that many of his tattoos are religious, featuring #1 good time party guy and embracer of outcasts Jesus "It's Okay If You're a Social Pariah" Christ. Let's hope British Airways was just experiencing a momentary lapse in judgement. I guess I won't be carrying on my Daniel O'Connell portrait any time soon.

"... Jesus 'It's Okay If You're a Social Pariah' Christ..."

LMFAO!!! That, my friend, was awesome.

Maybe they realized who the dildo was and decided that hatin' on his ink was the easiest way to prevent him from boarding their plane. Perhaps they figured that his inflated ego and sense of entitlement would prevent him from going with the prejudicial flow and covering up, thereby keeping himself from being allowed on the plane. I mean, I wouldn't want Nicole Richie's baby-daddy on my plane either...

In all seriousness, that is fucked up. The more popular tattooing becomes, the more we seem to hear these stories... perhaps a hard push from the Moral Majority in an attempt to curb the popularity? If well-known pop-stars aren't safe from rebuke, then that should make us commoners think twice, right? I am sure (and hope, to some degree) that we can expect to hear some sort of legal recourse soon.


maybe it was the sleeveless shirt. if you're going to travel, have some consideration for people who might not want to see your pits.

No sleeveless shirts?! There goes half my wardrobe...

holy moleee, i cant believe i have to feel bad for joel madden. i wonder if he'll write a song about the experience. maybe he can get his rich friends to boycott the airline and score a win for the tattooed!
i hope not, then i would have to respect him

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