Punk Medics Vegan Skin Care
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punkmedics.jpgHappy Earth Day, y'all!

If you're looking to be green and gorgeous, check out my friends, PunkMedics.

This indie, animal and earth friendly company, based in Canada (and who doesn't love Canadians?!) manufactures, wholesales and retails vegan skin care products that are made of natural plant and botanical ingredients from organic sources. Not only are they free of animal by-products (and obviously animal testing) but they also do not contain any parabens, sulphates, petroleum by-products and GMO materials.

I particularly love the Punk Medic's Tattoo and Piercing care. The Tattoo Shield -- which is only $5 --
helps to heal new tattoos (once the skin has closed up of course) and keeps older tattoos looking new with its ingredients of Grapeseed, Hemp, Sweet Almond and Sunflower oils.

For those looking to stretch ear lobes safely, try their fabulous Holey Butt'r, which includes Karanja oil, an all-natural antiseptic and antibacteria agent.

And for my bikers out there -- motor and fixed gear -- check the Punk Medics Road Rash line -- sprays, lotions and balms that prevent as well as sooth skin irritations for cool riders.

Here's where your shopping stimulates my economy:

If you buy from Punk Medics ArtFire Store below, Needles + Sins will get 20% of the sale -- money that will go to server costs, promotion, and naturally, our bartenders.

will it help with my rash um, . . . down there?

Try them and then let the internet know how it goes. Just dont make it your next blog post!

Oh, and dont forget to buy through the Artfire shop. Bri and I need money to see you in LA.

man im so sick of all these dressed up products for aftercare. just leave it the hell alone and let your body take care of itself.
if you really need something, use EMU OIL

Well, you got to moisturize and take care of your tattoos, so I rather give my money to those in the tattoo community than a big company.

Plus their stuff smells pretty.

I use bacon grease. No good?

I, for one, don't love Canadians. They ate my baby...

Herbal organic vegan ingredients that are proven to increase healing speed, promote more efficient healing, reduce scaring and rejuvenation of old tattooed skin? Yeah, I can see how that's "dressed up"...

While I agree that there are plenty of companies out there hustling snake oil (the non-traditional Chinese kind) in the name of tattoos, there are some that actually want to sell a quality product to help people... and most times they are created by tattooists and piercers for the tattooed and pierced. I highly doubt that these folks are raking in boat loads of cash to fuel some evil corporate agenda... I mean they ARE Canadian after all... (sorry I couldn't resist)

@P. Sull: I bet yer bacon grease smells pretty too.


good point Marisa.
i would agree that its way better to give our money to people in the industry, i had no idea that company could classified that way. your article makes no mention of what industry professionals are behind this product. are they tattoo artists or piercers? maybe they are just shop owners, there has been plenty of that crap. and also, where did they get their medical degree(s) from(considering they use the term medical in thier company name), or what education do they have that gives them authority to make aftercare? dont get me wrong ive seen some cool aftercare from day-to-day piercers, but that sure doesnt mean they should any more respect or trust then a corporate brand.

still, there are plenty of scammers in the 'industry' , so whos to say its that is any better. just because its "vegan" doesnt mean shit, ive met junkies that were more trustworthy then some vegans. ive met street shop piercers that were way better people that tattoo rockstars.
so im thinking i should know who m doing biz with and decide from there. that said, Desert Palms Emu Oil is the only aftercare supplier i trust.

PS: does it bother anyone but me when folks misuse the term "punk" to sell shit?!? what a lame name for a company, but i guess for some people it all comes down to $$$

in an effort to NOT look like a ass who has a grudge against this company, ill point out a few positives:

1) thier ingedients list is...awesome. very simple, very natural.
but i want proof...cuz im paranoid after the H2Ocean BS. anything else in there?

2)$5 a bottle is a great price., if its not a tiny bottle.
the lack of greed is probably a good example that these folks might be on the good guy team.

3) i dont know shit about the quality of the products. ill say no more until i actually use them on myself.

you're right. i should've given more background info on the company.

all i can say is that my buddy Badur behind the company IS punk rock. i'd go on but fear i might get in trouble for giving out too much info. all i'll say is that he's been poked and prodded more years than the average age of our readers. take that as you wish. ;)

and heretic, you are a grump, giving Brian a run for his bengay, but i love it.


heretic138: you post valid questions.

I'm the owner of PunkMedics as well as BodyArtPro

The name came as a play off of Punk Cosmetics and turned into PunkMedics. A bit cheesy for most but it makes people chuckle.

I'm NOT a piercer or tattoo artist. That said i've worked in the industry in various capacities for well over 10 years including documenting the industry and can safely say that some of the best piercers out there are my close friends.

My mandate is to be 100% transparent. The Ingredient lists are exactly whats in the products. i also don't feel it necessary to over price something that is simple and effective hence the low product prices.

The aftercare products, which have been in the industry for 4 years, have come from years of discussion with both piercers and tattoo artists and research on how the body heals these types of "wounds". They have been fully tested within the industry and many artists and end customers have seen great results.

The Skincare products which are new came from the fact that i wanted to develop something simple and unscented with natural ingredients and felt there was no reason to use animal based ingredients in something i put on my body.

Desert Palms Emu Oil is a great product as well. I've met the owners at APP and they seem extremely knowledgeable about the effectiveness of emu oil. That said it's dissapointing that they do not list all their ingredients on their site so people can make an informed decision about their purchase.

The owner of Desert Palms Emu aren't medically educated nor do they have a degree that gives them authority to make aftercare anymore than i do. Though with that said i hear great things about their products from customers and if it works for you then you shouldn't switch. :)

This is probably one of the only examples of a positive and informative internet "dialogue" I've ever read. Ten million kudos to decent people and good companies.

And bacon grease.

thanks for the great reply! it sounds like i should add you to my 'good guys' list. it makes me genuinely happy that there is another company out there doing the right thing. your transparency and lack of animal ingredients is very cool.
Best of luck to you and yours.

Very fine, I would send out this sheet to my acquaintance.

Thank you for a fantastic read. I enjoyed it.

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