Retirement is a Requirement
12:48 PM
As I sat at the bar on Saturday afternoon waiting for musicians to arrive (and, yes, many were horrifically late for load-in), I had to do a double take as a white-haired gentleman and his wife rolled in and took the barstools on my left. My initial reaction was, "Holy shit, that is some vibrant color on that old guy's 3/4-sleeves." And then I simply realized that he was wearing one of those All-Gain-No-Pain tattoo sleeve t-shirts. Ordinarily, I would scoff and sneer at anyone who wants to "try out" the sleeved look and lifestyle, but I came to realize that these garments are totally acceptable on those under 6 and over 60 years of age. Especially if said 60 year-old sits in the front row of a 2 hour music performance in a dark club while wearing a giant pair of Foster Grant wrap-around sunglasses.

So, if you didn't make it to the show on Saturday, I've got some video footage up on YouTube from a cross-section of performers at the Lapdance Academy Saturday Saloon Salon Series:

- Sam Barron performing "Dead Flowers"
- Emily Zuzik performing "Don't Pay the Ferryman"
- Matt Whyte (of Earl Greyhound) performing "Holy Immortality"
- The Knuckleheads and their questionable "Cancer Song"
- Alex Walker performing his interpretation of "The IRS" from Guns N' Roses
- and yours truly performing - "Jesus on the Mainline" and a medley of Dolly Parton's "9 to 5" into Donna Summers' "She Works Hard for the Money"

subrosa_spring_bri.gifAnd also let me add that Dogs of Winter will be opening for West Virginia's stoner-metal trio Karma to Burn at the Sub Rosa Party in Danbury, CT this evening at 10pm. If you live in Fairfield county, this is a show not to be missed (you didn't hear it from me, but we'll be covering some Ride The Lightening era Metallica)!

I'll be playing a solo set this Sunday 4/26 at Mr. D's in Yonkers at 7pm (you know you've made it when you're playing a bar near a horse-racing track).

The Dags will also be playing a stripped-down acoustic set next Tuesday 4/28 at Corio (a burlesque joint in TriBeCa) and back at full, ear-bleeding volume again next Friday 5/1 at Sub Rosa Party, because we just can't get enough of that sex-a-licious Danbury music scene.

And with that... I should probably get back to rehearsing.

Cousin Larry's in Danbury is sexalicious.
Except when the mini cracked out Barbie tried to pull me in for a threesome in the ladies room last time. That's just unhygienic.

Will be there tonight and at Corio nect week -- the loungy vibe is super sexy for stripped down set.

As for your solo Yonkers show, it depends on if you'll be doing your Kelly Clarkson cover.

Of course ever-tardy musicians would show up late on a Saturday afternoon... it's still daylight sir! On a Saturday!!!

If I lived within an hour's drive, I'd come show some love... but I don't, and not even close, so I guess I will just issue a standard "knock 'em dead" here on the interweb, and I'll even toss in a "I'll be there in spirit" for good measure.

Hope the D.O.W. show was rad... I loves me some Dave Mustaine influenced Metallica action.


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