Tattoos in the Life of the American Sailor
03:30 PM
As I'm going through the tattoo news, I'm reading a bunch about Skin & Bones - Tattoos in the Life of the American Sailor. So much so, that the exhibit deserves its own post here.

Curator Craig Bruns says, "If you have a tattoo, you really have a sailor to thank."

And so the exhibition explores the Western history of tattooing by delving into "the beliefs, mysteries, traditions, and power of the tattoo in American maritime culture."

The show opened at the Independence Seaport Museum in Philly on Friday and runs until January 3rd.

It features traditional tattoo machines, old school flash, historic photos and artifacts, a recreation of an old-time parlor, and a mini-documentary of the recorded personal stories of tattooed sailors.

There will also be screenings of Hori Smoku Sailor Jerry on May 12th (7pm) and October 2 (8pm).

Mark your calendars for the panel discussion on October 22 featuring Weiss; tattoo historian Nick Schoenberger; C.W. Eldridge, director of the Tattoo Archive, in Winston-Salem, NC; and U.S. Coast Guard Chief Warrant Office Richard Sambenedetto Jr., whose tattooed feet are the poster piggies of Skin & Bones.

And if you're wondering what the pig and rooster on the feet mean, read the Tattoo Archive's article on the symbolism of sailor tattoos.

For more about the show, check PNJ.com.

This is awesome.. down for the exhibit, but mostly because it would be cool to catch one of the Hori Smoku screenings. ATTN: Friends in Philly that want to let me sleep on their futon!

hell yes!
we'll be visiting when we're back east this summer.

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