True Love: Americana Tattoo Video Series
11:57 AM
true love videos.jpg
My friend JD just turned me on to this 10-part video series called True Love, where three filmmakers from Milan travel across America's East Coast to capture the work of the best tattooers working in the old school tradition.

According to their YouTube Channel, the series seeks "to focus on various aspects of tattooing, but most of all on the relationship tattooer-customer, from the point of view of the same customer."

The artists include the crew from Smith Street Tattoo, Olde City Tattoo, Chad Koeplinger, Hunter Spanks, Nikki Balls, and newcomer Bailey Hunter Robinson.

Check 'em.


Hot shit, now I have even more things to watch in my exciting Friday night fusion of my ass to this couch.

I saw some! Speaka no italiano but otherwise all good. Subtitles would've been nice to see what the filmmakers got out of the experience...

Z, check out their youtube channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/TrueLove2k9

All 10 eps are there and they're subtitled, to boot.

I took a break from the job hunt yesterday to watch all 10; made me jealous as hell!

These have been the best videos I have seen in years. Aside to Marisas needled videos

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