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titine by juango.jpgI have a singular goal today: Star Trek. Yet I understand that all y'all may not embrace your inner live-long-and-prosperness, so I got some upcoming arty events across the US.

But before I get to it, I just can't wait to share the work of the fabulous Juanjo Martinez, painter and 12-year tattoo veteran, currently working at Other Side Tattoo in Murcia, Spain.

I found Juango through Titine Leu of the beloved Leu Family Iron, who sent me this portrait of her (right) that Juango painted. [See a larger image of the painting here.]

I sought out more from him and found other incredible tattoo portraits and those of bodies not deemed classically beautiful but painted with an elegance and dignity. I became an instant fan.

His exhibit Memento Mori will be June 19th at Laboratorio d Arte Joven.

Ok, now onto US events starting today through next week ...

* For my NYC homies, at the hot new Brooklyn gallery Eastern District, the infamous graff diva Claw Money is the featured artist in a solo aerosol art show, Spray It, Don't Say It. The opening is tonight from 7-10pm and the show runs until May 12th.

* [UPDATED] Tuesday, May 12th, at the sexy Le Poisson Rouge, the Diamond Belles dance troupe will be taking the stage at 6pm, performing a melange of hip hop, cabaret, jazz, belly dance and Bollywood moves. I'll be there to check out their debut and support my girl SoHo, artistic director, choreographer and tattooed hottie. The cover is only $5.

* Then Wednesday, join me at the Dogs of Winter record release party at Fat Baby in NY's Lower East Side at 9PM. DOW is Brian's stoner metal band, and he'll be posting more on the FREE download of the new album From Soil to Shale. Coming soon.

* In Seattle, tonight, celebrate the state's governor signing fair tattoo and piercing regulations -- after a long and rather surreal battle -- with the opening of a fitting pop-surrealist show at the Roq La Rue Gallery entitled Lush Life. The opening is from 6-9pm. Can't make it? The show will soon be available online here. [Thanks, Riko, for the link.]

* And for our California cronies, check out Canvas LA's Chiaroscuro show, curated by Norm, and featuring works by Estevan Oriol, Bert Krak, Saber, Amanda Lynn among many other top artists.

Speaking of Norm and Canvas LA, he recently proposed to the gallery's owner (and bosslady) Rachel and she said Yes! Congratulations! 

One last thing: I'll be at the NYC Tattoo Convention next Sunday handing out N+S stickers, so look out for me. Most likely at the bar.

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