Freeload "From Soil To Shale" by Dogs of Winter
06:57 PM

It's been close to 11 months since us lads in Dogs of Winter began work on our debut full-length album, From Soil To Shale and much has transpired...

  • * We watched horrifying pornography
  • * Danced our asses off
  • * Destroyed equipment that didn't belong to us
  • * Screamed our lungs raw
  • * Fired two mixing engineers
  • * Dressed up a pit bull in my clothing
  • * Filmed a video for Player Piano (featuring Miss Marisa having a seizure during the bridge)
  • * Parted ways with our old record label to start Lapdance Academy
  • * Logged 100+ shows of varying degrees of repectability
  • * And got to work with amazing engineers like Keith "Touch" Saunders, Andrew Schneider (Scissorfight, Unsane, Pelican) and Nick Zampiello (Converge, Torche)

  • Needless to say, I really feel like a tattoo is in order to commemorate the occasion - except I'm just too goddamned tired to think anything up.

    So while I ponder another permanent applique to my mangy pelt, it's with great pleasure that I can announce the ABSOLUTELY FREE download of From Soil To Shale!

    You can select your high-quliaty mp3 bitrate at and pull down a zip file that has all nine tracks, a PDF digibooklet designed by yours truly and each track, when loaded to your iPod,  will display a different piece of "cover art" from the amazing illustrator (and gifted musician in his own right), Joe Boyle.

    Download it. Play it loud enough to warrant a 311 call from your neighbors. Twitter it, blog it, repost it and pass it on!

    And to celebrate the release, we'll be playing a 9pm set this Wednesday 5/12 at Fat Baby. For $5 admission, print out this flier and bring it to the club.

    I would not call my interpretive dance a seizure, thank you.

    Cant wait to play groupie tomorrow.

    woo hoo!!! downloaded it last night.
    sounds frigging great!!!

    Man. I don't feel anywhere near as rock n' roll as I thought I was... I just get drunk and work during album production sessions... and contemplate why the hell I allowed my band mates to talk me into recording again, knowing full well that I absolutely detest the monotony and tedium that is recording/mixing/mastering/bartering of one's soul to finish the damned thing. At some point during the process, I think about quitting, selling my gear and taking up life as an Amish carpenter... then I realize that they don't allow beer or porn and I suck it up and finish the shit. End result: I am super excited for fans/friends to hear it, even though I absolutely hate the songs from having heard/played them too many times.

    Just my little take on the recording process.

    I will scope that shit soon! Totally stoked that you got it done!


    no, justin... that about sums it up. perfectly.

    let's put it this way: we finished mastering in november - and i haven't listened to the damned album until yesterday. fortunately, i still love it - but man oh man did i need 6 months off from those songs after hearing them day. after day. after day. after. day.

    download it and play it loud, brother. methinks you're really gonna dig it!

    ... after day. after day. after day. after...

    Will do. Congrats again on finishing it and putting it out there by your own means!

    Damn the man! Save the Empire!


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