GreenStreet = Good Guys
05:11 PM
Bret arm.jpgIf advertising is to be believed, something like 134% of all companies in 100% of all sectors have "gone green." Roughly. But while painting your business with a big verdant brush is one thing, actually living up to the green tag is definitely another. GreenStreet construction firm happens to be one of the good (green) guys out there.

GreenStreet does it all, from new construction and building renovation, to energy auditing for your home or business. They're also one of the only companies in the tri-state area that's certified to provide Green Advantage training, an environmental certification for building-related practitioners.

And the tattoo link? Project Manager Bret Ritter, tattoo pictured above. I've been lucky enough to hang with Bret for the last couple months, so not only can I can vouch for the company's legitimacy, I can also vouch for his totally rad tattoos. Here's what he had to say:

"The hammer and nails (done by Wiley at Daredevil) are for what I do, at the root of all my job requirements. I am a builder first and foremost. I love the process of construction, from the very first design phases to handing over the keys to a space... I was always that kid who liked to take his toys apart to see how they worked, only to put them back together again.

The mom and dad tattoos: I'm an air force brat. My father was a pilot for many years and we moved around a lot. My parents and my brother and I have always had a very close relationship. My dad's on the right since it's my strong arm, and my mom is on the left, which they say is the "heart" arm. I got these in Tucson at Staring Without Caring by Milwaukee Matt."

Check out the photos here on flickr.

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