Ink Dish: Tattoo Dinnerware by Paul Timman
02:53 PM


Regardless of which side of the tattoo-art-crossing-over-into-the-mainstream fence you're on, let's at least agree that sometimes it's a good thing, especially when it's tasteful.

Paul Timman, a tattooer working out of the venerable Sunset Strip Tattoo in Hollywood (whose client list has included names like Jesse James and Rob Zombie) has recently been applying his handiwork to Ink Dish, a tableware line that marries some nice tattoo-inspired artwork with some classy-lookin' place settings. Available at a decent number of retailers, Timman's line of Irezumi work was recently chosen by Metropolitan Home as #2 in its Design 100 issue.

Here's what Paul had to say:

"I was excited about this project from the beginning. I knew that if we did our jobs well, we could bridge the gap between mainstream society and help to introduce tattooing into everyday life -- without the process of getting tattooed -- and hopefully give people an appreciation of tattoo art or even help to create a fondness for tattooing in general."

Check out where to buy here.


I know a shop that should sell these.....

Very nice!

Great writeup Patrick!
Hey Britt drop me a line at with the name of the shop and I'll give them a call.

These are actually really nice whether you are into tattooing or not.

I love the work! Would buy this in a minute though, don't make it too expensive for us common folk:)

Great work!

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