May Tattoo Convention Picks
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Tons of tattoo news from the past week that I'm putting together, but I thought I'd take a break and shoot y'all some faves on the tattoo convention circuit this month.

First up, my fave for the past 12 years, naturally in my home town: the NYC Tattoo Convention at the historic Roseland Ballroom in the heart of Times Square, May 15-17th. See photos from past shows in my convention collection on Flickr. I'll be there Saturday and Sunday taking photos, interviewing artists and partaking in general shmooziness. Will have Needles and Sins stickers on hand so look for me, and as always, please dont tell me you thought I was taller.

Next, May 29-31st, is the most fabulous Hell City Killumbus show, at the Hyatt Regency Downtown amidst the art galleries, restos and shopping in downtown Columbus, Ohio. I did a preview (and travel tips) of the show for Inked Mag, getting organizer Durb Morrison's picks on where to go while in town for the convention, but as he stressed, the tattoo weekend is designed to "keep all the Hellions under one roof for one hell of a weekend." He adds:

"We try to offer events and parties right in the hotel, like the Innerstate Art Party Saturday night and our first-ever roast on Sunday night, which will be paying homage to 'The Mayor of Tattooville,' Chris Longo. As always, the [Hyatt Regency] Big Bar on 2 will be kicking with attendees and artists celebrating all weekend long."

Sadly, I wont make it to Columbus, but I am get to the next Hell City convention in Phoenix, Arizona at the gorgeous Biltmore Resort and Spa, September 4-6.

nyc tattoo convention 2.jpgTwo other shows worth mentioning, although I can't vouch for them personally, are the Roanoke, VA show and the Maritime Tattoo Festival in Nova Scotia, Canada.

Roanoke Tattoo Fest takes place this weekend, May 8-10th, with some top artists like Bob Tyrrell, Larry Brogan and Mathew Amey in attendance as well as long time legends like Judy Parker, Pat Sinatra, and Mary & Mike Skiver. My beloved Chuck Eldridge of the Tattoo Archive is also giving a seminar on historical tattooing.

And in beautiful Nova Scotia, the third Maritime Tattoo Fest will also host some great artists, and looks like a good time ... despite the mud wrestling.

The news is up later!

Working the TC booth so I'll see you there!
..I can feel all three hangovers comin already...

At Roseland, that is.

Wow, I'd be alot more interested in the NYC con if they had just a wee bit more info on the website. I'd love to get an idea of the artists coming this year and the events happening there before I wait in line for an hour or so and buy a badge to get in.

Barinthus, the convention is an enlightening experience and should not be missed. If you have never been to one then by all means you should go. As for the official website for the convention, the artist/studio list has minor changes from year to year and by doing a simple search on the web you can bring up an artist/studio website. From there you can look at there at many of the artist's gallery posted on said website. In addition if you have friends with old copies of tattoo magazines, many of them have coverage of the NYC Tattoo Convention. So just, "Buy the ticket, take the ride."


I was soooo hoping you would be out at Killumbus! I am going to be up there and was hoping to finally meet you in person. Lame.

I will now take the time to plug my reason for being there: I will be playing with my band The Jackalopes on Sunday the 31st. We play some bitchin' horror punk rock. It is some time in the afternoon. Just be there. It shall rule.

Come to Hell City!


Woah! I didnt know you're in The Jackalopes. I cant remember the name but we had a cd (from the late nineties I think) in the Calypso Tattoo roster. I miss that cd.

Are you guys back together for good? Do you have a new release out soon?

Damn. Another reason to be mad I cant go!


I am indeed a member of The Jackalopes. I was a replacement member, but our new line-up features both original and replacement members.

I don't know the state of our affairs truthfully. I know we are doing several shows in Ohio, but supposedly only in honor of the 10 year anniversary.

Maybe if yer good I will get you a copy of of some 'lopes stuff.

Sorry for the delay in responding. I have spent the past week dealing with and helping arrange things for my grandfather's funeral.

I will try to check this joint a bit more often.


oh and the cd was called "JACKSPLOITATION"

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