NYC Tattoo Convention 2009 Redux
02:25 PM
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Soccer moms and leather daddies, rockers and strollers, pin-ups and piercers, docs and jocks, and a tattooed lawyer or two ... the crowd at the NYC Tattoo Convention this weekend was as diverse and exciting as its Time Square locale.

See for yaself on our Flickr set.

I'm exhausted from the nonstop sensory overload, so I'm gonna just break this redux down to the show highlights:

  • * All floors were packed but not jammed as usual, so it didn't take a half hour just to push your way to the bar. A plus. It's a safe bet to blame the economy for the diminished numbers. I heard a few people outside the show saying that they didn't want to pay the $18 cover.
  • * French Avant Garde tattoo style representing: Art brut badass Noon was working the Tattoo Culture booth along with resident artists DC Wallin and Gene Coffey. Rumor is that Aussie tattoo hottie Jake will be extending his guest spot there ... permanently.
  • * The fabulous Boris Zalaszam graced NYC for the first time with his stunning realism and ornamental work.
I tried to make it to the convention party at Niagara bar last night, but after the Dionysian feast amongst almost forty tattooers and collectors at Churrascaria Plataforma, a massive meat coma set in and I dragged my butt back to Brooklyn.

Once again a draining but damn good time.


Great pictures!

I swear to Christ (or anyone else listening for that matter) that I will make it to this convention! Hopefully next year. It always looks like fun and is always chock full of amazing artists.

Marisa, as it turns out, I may end up being at Hell City all weekend, so I will bring my camera if that be the case.

Great pics.


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