Tattooed Steel
06:15 PM
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I figured I'd drop a shopping post on you today: Tattooed Steel jewlery and accessories.

While I'm hesitant to promote anything featured on the cheez that was Rock of Love Bus, there are some tattoo artists behind the outfit like Rose Hardy, who designed the work above, and whose tattoo work can also be found on her Tattooed Steel page. So I'm giving it a shout and you can decide if you're hot for it or not.

[And yes, Brian, I know your Rock of Love and Daisy of Love voiceovers pay for our drinks but that doesn't mean I gotta love watching the tattooed folks on the show fulfill every stereotype.]

I've never been a fan of the military tags as a fashion thing, but I could dig the brushed belt buckles, like this one by Kris Fry, if the price was lower. The bullet ring is also kinda hot, but I imagine Che would revolt over his image being used to hawk counterculture for companies.


Honestly, in these times, I'm really not shopping; hence, the limited shopping posts. But I have bought a BeDazzler to create my own line of high-end fashion (which you can see Brian model here). It's an indie DIY thang that would make Che proud. Prices for my couture bedazzle line begin at $500. Crooked lettering that falls under the armpit is extra. 

I not sure that these trinkets deserve the MK seal of approval.
"design production facilities in Huntington Beach, California", actual manufacturing facility in Hu Flung Dung, China.
"premium grade materials such as high-grade Stainless Steel", what grade would that be? Some alloys, such as 303 SS are crap. Some of the descripive text from the website, reads like an automobile accessory catalog, "CNC machined from solid billet".

Good point, Reg.

I was on the fence on this one and just deferred to the tattooist and graff artist element.

Thanks for looking into it, babe.

I know that you had good intentions. It could be viewed as an u'ber cool item and a chance for some little known arists to get their design work in the public eye.
But then there is the overseas mass manufacturing aspect, likely chemically or laser etched. Where is the craftmanship or the artistic value in that?

Holy shit you actually bedazzled a shirt and made him wear it..

Pat, he wears it A LOT!

I am still waiting for my bedazzled shirt!

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