Tattoo Highway Airs Tonight
09:00 PM
In about an hour, Tattoo Highway, the latest in tattoo tv -- essentially Inked's Thomas Pendelton on a bus-- will air on A&E (10PM EST), and I need to decide if I want to give up that hour of my life for anticipated snarky blogginess or simply do what I usually do on a Wednesday night at 10pm:  Watch The Cougar, drink a bottle of wine, and PedEgg my feet.

Of course I could DVR it, but then think of all the lTwitter potential if I watch it live. I'm on the fence but feeling the pressure after reading show reviews on Deadbolt and Daemon's TV -- the latter actually having seen an episode.

Plus, even TV Guide wants me to watch -- taunting me with its super-tough tattoo logo. [What happened to my beloved weekly that featured the Golden Girls, and George and Weezy on its covers?]

The PR machine behind the show also contacted us, but no special logo for them here! They were quite lovely, offering prizes to all of y'all, but I asked to see an episode in advance before I could promote it and they sent me a trailer of a few seconds. Not good enough. Any time I've put something up that I haven't tried and tested, y'all have called me on it. I've learned my lesson. But, alas, you get no swag.

They recently put up clips of the show on the site, and it follows the same tattoo tv format: someone gets sick and gets a tattoo; someone loses a loved one and gets a tattoo; someone stops doing drugs and gets a tattoo. I may PedEgg my feet. What tattoo does that warrant?

If you watch it, feel free to post your comments here. I'll start opening the bottle and see how I feel at 10.

It was an hour of my life I will never get back! I think he did 4 tattoos which were all really bad, in fact the portrait he did was an embarrassment. That combined with the soup opera of his life with his wife...... just really really bad.

Oh boy.. we almost didn't watch the second one.

I'll just say, it's pretty obvious the producers probably (hopefully?) didn't know what they were getting in to here. Cramped spaces, teenage angst at 40 and some not-so-stellar work.. They all seem like nice enough folks and I would certainly drink a Budweiser with em. Makes me miss the LA/Miami shenanigans..

Quoth the Bart, "Meh."

This was so bad and further perpetuates the idea that the tattooed are hicks, drug addicts, and have no class. What a bummer. Not to mention this was shot very poorly and edited like they went off of a "How To Edit Your Reality Show" manual. There was so many cringe worthy moments which I usually find enjoyable (Hello Desperate Housewives of NJ) but this was mostly uncomfortable to watch.

"Any time I've put something up that I haven't tried and tested, y'all have called me on it. I've learned my lesson."

good for you, i admire your integrity.

personally i cringe at the idea of tattoos, piercings, etc. being done out of a bus. it goes against what i think some really awesome people have been trying to do advance and imrove the industry. its presumable that this another attempt at mainstreaming the art and rock star, idol worship.
of course, now that ive said that the show will probably turn out to be awesome and full of clean, solid work and high standards!
heres to hoping!

PS: nothing against the customers
PSS: long overdue-
FUCK swastika freakshop

Too much repeated footage in the first half-hour episode. How many times did the viewers need to hear how difficult it was going to be for them (emotionally) to ditch their kids with the inlaws? Or how they had to pay their repect to the Boo-Ya tribe?

Painful, just painful. Trailer trash just got downgraded to bus trash.

As bad as it was, we should be cautious with our comments in a public forum. It might cause the show to be cancelled and replaced with "Inked". Which focused mainely on the drama surrounding the recepionist and the apprentice and even less on tattoo art.

I've been silent because -- after the week I've been having running back and forth to the hospital for my dad -- the last thing I needed was to yell at my TV.

I did watch The Cougar and only drank half a bottle of Bordeaux and I was fine.

I appreciate all your comments. Will watch it myself the next time it airs and will try to keep an open mind but I have a feeling it wont be pretty.

I dont see any new episodes being aired (thank God) If this show with its Munster's characters posing as tattoo artists get renewed, I'll have lost all hope for A and E. The wife has since had another child (#4) and Thomas never mentions his son from Inked (#1 out of 5 kids) (deadbeat dad) Losers flock with losers and thats what these white trash people are.

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