Tattoo In Japan book revisited
01:24 PM

tattoo in japan.jpgThis weekend, I was asked about one of my fave Japanese tattooing tomes, aptly called Tattoo in Japan by Edition Reuss.

While I wrote about it for, I wanted to post here as well because I feel this photo book is must for any serious tattoo collector.

Unlike many other Japanese tattoo books, it shows the full spectrum of tattoo art in Japan today from the traditional bodysuits adorning Yakuza to interpretations of Americana and tribal tattoo work by the new school of Japanese tattooists.

The 320-page hardcover can be ordered from here for 89 Euros or for $165 US from Last Gasp Books or 61 British Pounds from Amazon UK.

Check our Flickr photoset for a taste.

You'll be hearing more about Edition Reuss as they're publishing my upcoming book. More on that soon.


Hey Marisa,

It was cool to meet you over the weekend. My friend even said I was a little star-struck. I say it's just the weird dynamic where you don't know me but I know about you and your secret tattoos from the blog. Maybe he was right that you are a star though, because you rock!

After shipping, Last Gasp comes to $180 so I wound up ordering the book from a 3rd party seller off the US Amazon site. New, for $120 total with shipping and I chose a seller with 95% or better positive rating. Just a tip for these recessionary times because for me this book isn't even optional.

Thanks again and Rock On!


Adam, our talk totally inspired this post. Thank you, and the pleasure was all mine.

I appreciate the cheaper link. Rockin!

much love.

Honestly this book underwhelmed me and I'm one of those onselling my copy! I think what irked me the most was the lack of credit for some pretty distinctive and influential artist. I spotted a Shige and a few Genko and Sabado tattoos which weren't properly credited.

Also Edition Reuss had published a book years ago with photos of some friends in pretty compromising positions without their consent. Marisa I hope your experience with them is better than this and your book comes out great!

Book look's bretty intresting i am fan of japanese tattoos even have my own page of Japanese tattoos.

Thank you so much You have really made me a lot to think about.

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