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knuckle tattoos.jpgGot a monster tattoo news update for ya, filled with some old school salty tales, bequeathing tattooed skin, body art and cancer myths, and the usual tattoo law and celeb fodder, but before I do, behold these fabulous photos from Nathan of

Check Nathan's photo essay on, and vote for him (at the end of the essay) to be included in the print pub.

Oh wait! One more order of business please ...

.. you know I love, love, love when you send me links, but please no more to "Hipster Grifter" stories and tattoo photos? Ok, we all giggled at the beard tattoo, but she's not the first tattooed con with a healthy sexual appetite and she won't be the last (Halelujah). I don't know which is worse: her MySpace-posey faces in every blog or all the swine flooziness.

Now onto the serious stuff ...

You CANNOT get cancer from tattoos. Praise the NY Times for putting that health myth to rest. They interviewed Dr. Ariel Olstad who said "the ink is unlikely to do any harm because it is confined to cells in the skin called macrophages, whose job is to absorb foreign material." He did add:
"But people should know that they should always leave a rim of healthy skin around a pre-existing mole."
The reason behind this is because there have been cases where melanomas were overlooked because they came from moles hidden by tattoos. I have a bunch of moles and had no problem working my tattoos around them for this reason. Something to keep in mind, especially if you're super light skinned like me and are prone to melanoma.

Thinking of keeping that healthy skin preserved long after death? A 65-year-old Australian man, Geoff Ostling, who sports a full tattoo bodysuit, has pledged to donate his skin to the National Gallery in Canberra. According to the Daily Telegraph:
"He worked with cult artist eX de Merci over 15 years to tattoo a masterpiece on his body, from neck to ankle, with the theme 'All the flowers of a Sydney garden'.
Sydney taxidermy expert Sascha Smith said it could be a challenge to preserve the tattoos unharmed but the process would be no different to skinning an animal."
Funny, I just was interviewed by Esquire Magazine about donating and selling skin in the US. You can offer to bequeath your skin to an institution -- they may not accept -- but offering to sell it once you're dead, iffy. Plus, it'll end up like some creepy German flick.

Here's an interesting piece on Ed Hardy by Michael Corcoran for the American Statesman. I was initially turned off but the negative, albeit respectful, tone of Corcoran who is trying to educate Texans that Hardy is not just some guy who makes bedazzled tees. The author is not a friend and admits to it but does offer interesting insider tattoo gossip like on the relationship between Ed and Mike Malone:

"The two had their own language, built around countless hours waiting in the scab hut for military payday. If one called the other when business was nonexistent and asked what was up, the answer would be 'just talking to the panthers,' in reference to the black designs on the walls.

A customer who passed out during a tattoo was a mighty hawk. This comes from the time Malone tattooed a rather boastful customer who wanted 'The Mighty Hawk' on his arm. About halfway through the M, the guy got clammy and took a flop. Malone stood over him and said 'Mighty Hawk, get up Mighty Hawk. Are you OK Mighty Hawk?'  Old-line tattooists have hundreds of stories like that."

My major point of contention with the article: it doesn't mention the well publicized law suit alleging that Hardy is not seeing his fair share of the use of his name and artwork. That's all I'll say about that. For now.

And while I'm on it, let's get to some tattoo law news ...

1507434_202916_493e3d3d98_p.jpgA Pennsylvania appeals court ruled that a parolee shouldn't have been kicked out of halfway house for drawing sexy pin-ups for a tattoo. Taxpayer money put to good use! I can't roll my eyes back enough.

Here's an update on the Washington bill to regulate piercing and tattooing:  While the bill has passed, it needs approval by the state's governor. I know some people have this cool anarchist chic thing that makes them not like government regulation of anything, but it's gonna happen. The question is whether it will be on terms designed by people in the tattoo community like Troy Amundson (as with this bill) or you can have the Medical Quality Assurance Commission propose rules that would make body artists guilty of practicing medicine without a license for most procedures.

Wanna make a difference?
Contact Governor Chris Gregoire and voice your support of passing SSB 5391 Tattoo and Piercing Regulations.

Got another update on last week's news:

Remember the Joel Madden tattoo discrimination headlines? Now the British Air employee who made the "rocker" cover his tattoos before boarding the plan is not flying the friendly skies -- a rep for BA said the employee is being reprimanded, adding "we don't understand why the employee took it upon himself to enforce regulations that don't exist." Payback.

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  • Wanna share your convention pics? Let me know!


    This was the perfect thing to distract me from doing the N+S post I told myself I would get done today.. Thank you and thank you. is so awesome, i wonder if its creator can be as cool as it is. the stories, when available, put it over the top. whenever i get a great idea for my hands and think "finally, this is it!", that site puts me to shame. im going to have to wait for my mom to get run over by a GOP swine-bag or something!

    i would love that "jesus eater" Tshirt!

    good stuff today

    Hey check this out:

    looks like the moustache finger tattoo has hit the mainstream jewelry market!!

    credit for finding it goes to my Girlfriend.

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