Tattoos for the Elderly
10:24 AM
tattoos elderly.jpg
Today is Brian's birthday, and while our resident rockstar/code monkey sleeps off his hangover, I'm preparing a special day to celebrate his life -- and what better way to do so than a reminder of its fleeting youth.

Cue in Tattoos for the Elderly.

I slipped in the temporary tattoos as part of his grab bag of gifts (which also includes Aqua Team Hunger Force, Get A Life and Cabin Boy dvds -- because he's a fancy lad -- and another Tom Robbins book). One can definitely see him rocking the "Out of Control" adult diaper design or "Born to Ride" mobility scooter ink. That is, once he runs me over for posting this.

Blue Q also has a variety of FDA approved temp tattoos including ones for baby, and Touch my Tummy tattoos for pregnant women because they just love that.

Ok, now off to awaken the beast and spoil him silly today.

**See some photos of how we "tattooed" ourselves and friends at Moe's in Fort Greene.**

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