The 666th FB Friend Winner!
12:25 PM
terry tattoo.jpg
On Wednesday, I put out a call for my 666th Facebook friend and got an amazing response, making new homies from around the world. Apparently the offer of my soul -- and crap from my parents' attic -- is an international motivator. But the beast brought me a very special friend the moment I confirmed the triple 6 request...

The most fabulous Terry!

And when I went on Terry's page, what did I see? Absolutely beautiful tattoos AND photos and videos of some fine ballroom dancing of his. Double score!

See more of Terry's tattoos on Flickr.

Naturally, I geeked out and asked him about his work. Here's what he said:

terry tattoo2.jpg "My muses piece was done up for me by Adam Foreman of High Voltage Tattoo in LA. For my first piece, I wanted something that represented balance and inspiration, so we went with an Art Nouveau Rodin-inspired muses. So awesome!

Then there are the arm things: a super cool phenoix-like bird coming out of a burning lycoris with gears and craziness, which was done by Tim Biedron of Deluxe Tattoo and inspired by the art work of James Jean.

The clock that the bird is chilling out on (also James Jean inspired) was done by David Allen at Insight Tattoo who is SUPA COOL." [David is also behind one of our fave blogs:]

Terry's next work will be a pin-up with the wonderful Hannah Aitchson; hence his profile pic for pin-up inspiration (with ballroom dance hands no less!).

So, this weekend it's back to my parents house to raid the chintz that hauts their rafters. It'll also serve as an early grad gift as Terry will be graduating (in Economics and English) from the University of Chicago in five weeks!

As for my soul, Terry plans to put it in a marble and let his cat play with it.

It could have suffered worse fate.

I don't know this kid but I think I want to be best friends with him. In addition to his amazing tattoos, that laser cat t-shirt he's wearing is making me so happy right now.

i wonder what he would take in trade for that marble...

Not a chance! Thanks guys.

Though I've always kinda wanted a solid gold Harley with machine guns on the front.

gold plated maybe, but solid gold woudnt hold up under the stress of a good ride. you know how soft that is right?
also, the machine guns might have to be belt fed, is that ok? its would take up all your storage space in the saddle bags.

nope, im not offering

personally if it was me, id want Nick fury's hover car. forget the bling, that thing can get you to Tokyo in about 3 hours!!

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