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starface1.jpgCommunication is vitally important when getting a tattoo as Kimberly Vlaminck found out after she "woke up" to find 56 stars across the side of her face.

She claims that she told him in both French and English that she only wanted 3 small stars near her temple, but obviously the Romanian tattoo artist Rouslan Toumaniantz didn't fully understand her. She also claims that she was asleep while he was doing it -- while he claims that she was awake the whole time and only claimed now that it was a mistake when her father saw her tattoo.

Now her family is suing him for 9000 Euros for the cost of tattoo removal.

When I first read this all I could think was "Get the F#$k outta here", it's just incomprehensible that this kind of mistake could happen. What I don't understand is this:

1) Why did he agree to agree an 18-year-old girl's face?
2) How did she fall asleep, during a face tattoo?

Something doesn't pass the smell test!

I guess as Bush would say "mistakes were made," but this one will last a lifetime.


People often get the tattoo they deserve. Tattoo Karma...

Smells like a hoax to me - I'm waiting for it all to be revealed as a viral marketing campaign for a new system of tattoo removal.

Maybe for Google Sky Map? http://www.google.com/sky/skymap.html

Also.. looks like she let him take a picture for his book, which you can catch in this video http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/europe/belgium/5551636/Girl-has-56-stars-tattooed-on-face-after-falling-asleep.html

The best part is that apparently her dad was outside eating ice cream outside.

maybe the ever-present bar of Dove "sensitive skin" soap in my shower exposes me as the mincing, pussy-boy that i truly am...

but if you can FALL ASLEEP during a tattoo - much less one ON YOUR FUCKING FACE - the stars are not your real problem.

we should be asking why she's a narcoleptic, skag-addict on the nod getting driven around by "daddy" who's also paying for skull ink...

stop wasting my oxygen, kimberly. plant a tree - kill yourself.

That looks like some "Yes dad, I'll get only 3 stars, leave now please. Hmm... actually, I'd like more stars, now that my dad is not watching. Oops, he's back, how will I explain that ..."

I'm a bit annoyed to read in every media that she "she woke up to find 56 stars ..." as if it was confirmed that she really slept.

But I agree that the tattoo artist shouldn't have accepted to tattoo her on the face - and that her parents shouldn't have agreed either.

I call bullshit.

Still trying to figure out a way to blame Kat Von D for this.

at least they are not swastikas.

i figure its either a HOAX or she was drugged.
but i guess its easy for some people to talk shit about this kid without knowing the truth yet.


But yeah, somethins not right. I feel bad for the girl, whatever her intention was.

If she woke up whilst he was tattooing her nose, why are all the stars in this area complete?

And I can't believe for a moment that the artist failed to understand her either, his English is absolutely fine, and I imagine to run a business in Belgium his French must be too. Sounds like an attempt to deflect criticism of herself by playing on west EU grumblings about migrants from eastern member states.

Probably a massive fail to tattoo the face of an 18 year old, but I don't buy for a minute that she didn't request it.

All very odd. I'll be interested to see how this plays out.

Kim: Hello, may I speak to Ace Frehely?
Ace: This is he.
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This is a hoax created by a belgian marketing company. It has been reported on one show, which they created, and only 2 days afterwards you can kimberlize your face. I cant seem to find the article I read it in. It was in dutch anyway.

@occupant - brilliant! i needed that laugh... thank you.

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