Haute Tattoos: Friday Jones' Tattoo Spa
01:21 PM
blog_tattoo_friday.jpgToday marks the opening of Friday Jones's "bespoke tattoo studio" called Friday Jones Fifth Avenue at the Senses NY Salon & Spa.

And I've gotten lots of links and comments from y'all about it.

It's today's piece of Daily Candy NY and a number of you were not pleased with the silly copy like "tat fittings" or "She's all rock and roll but knows the ladies are turned off by grimy parlors."  Ummm, really? I don't think we can fault Friday here, though. She is a cool rock chick so I can't picture her dissing the shops she came up in.

W Magazine's blog gives us a better look into the new venture with a Q&A and photos of Friday's work and the studio, like the one shown right.

It was Friday's own words here that bothered some of you, specifically, the offer of anesthesia for the tattoo -- raising the question beyond whether tattooing should be in upscale salons but should tattoos now be pain-free?

I'm old school.
I think the pain makes it part of that rite of passage; it stops the non-committed from making mistakes; it makes you feel like you "earned it," which is a big part of the experience for me. Her offer of a glass of wine to take the edge off -- fine. Complete numbing -- no thanks.

Others had a real problem with this part of the W Q&A:

Finally, what would you recommend for a girl who wants a tattoo, but isn't ready to commit to a major statement?

We're really pushing white tattoos, which are super subtle, like a birthmark. I'm a sorority girl, Delta Gamma, and my girlfriends wanted tattoos but they didn't want them to be black. White tattoos are high maintenance--there's a thicker pigment and sometimes you have to come in again to get it to look more vivid, but for my market, it's great.

Reader Christine said, "Don't get the tattoo if you can't commit!"

But Friday makes a good point with the words "my market." I can sit behind my computer all day and all high and mighty blogging on tattoo couture and "collecting art on skin" blahblah, but many, many people just want a dumb ass sorority tattoo that won't show on their wedding day. That's not Friday's sole market, of course, but she is taking care of people who would likely be sneered at in your "grimy parlor."

And so, while the anesthesia, white ink, and spa-ification of tattooing is making me a little queasy today, perhaps it's just something we gotta get used to and embrace as a different option for a new market of tattoo collectors.

[I gotta note that I've met Friday and think she's great. In fact, one of my favorite pieces of flash art that I own is her work. I guess I just need to deal with a changing tattoo culture. Hell, a lawyer blogging about tattoos doesn't have a real platform to stand on in bemoaning such a change!]

Thanks to Kathleen, Sarah, Jenni, Sara, Christine, (and those who wish to go unnamed) for the links.  

i get abit ill whenever i hear about any kind of Body Art/modification taking place in a "Spa" or "salon". its not just the ongoing mainstreaming, its how this kind of scenario can be downright dangerous.

i hope these folks know what they are doing.
i hope they have seperate facilities for the tattooing, bio hazard, etc, etc...

PS: nothing against this particular.

Miss. Friday sounds like a smart business woman. I'm curious to see how this does.....

I know tattooists that won't do all white tattoos and, it's my personal feeling, that if someone wants a tattoo that's virtually invisible, then they shouldn't be getting tattooed. And if they're getting numbed up, then maybe they should rethink it (a couple ibuprofens or even a spray of bactine on a big piece I get, but not the kind of topical analgesic that falls into the realm of doctors).

BUT. If there's people that want an invisible and painless tattoo and those people will pay you, then by all means go get your pay day. I have no idea what will happen to these kinds of places when the current tattoo wave starts to ebb; maybe they'll be the first to go, maybe they'll become a staple. But in the meantime, go right ahead and get paid!!

It sounds like the perfect kind of place to bring my mum to in the hope that she thinks I'm abit less of a drug dealer because of my tattoo fixation. So if that's "her market", it sure could help my life!

I think these kinds of places are needed. I'm not going to front old school tattoo shops are disgusting, cramped and rarely have spore tests and blood borne pathogen certs posted.

That being said I still go to old school shops, but I know my girlfriend or my coworkers wouldn't, therefore a place like this is necessary.

I've thought tattoo shops should go the salon route for years, I think old school tattooers will grumble because its not how they came up.

good point Miguel.
crap can happen anywhere... hell, ive sen home studios with more concern for bio, etc then some profitable shops.

looks like F.Jones has been around and seen plenty, so clearly she could set this up right.
id love to tour this place, or see an in depth review, once its been running for a few months or more.

This tramp has been around alright! I love how she's so veddy veddy upscale now. She's 'coture tattoo' but she had no problem leaking information about her client, Angelina, to the press just so she could grab some of the limelight! This is also NOT her first venture into spa tattooing in NYC. She was open in a spa last year but was removed after her 'off the clock' activities caused problems with her tattoo work.
So, old school shops are grimy?
Only the higher class are coke heads and script pill poppers then I guess! Love to see her take a drug test to disprove this!
Her work is unremarkable. She simply sucked the right dicks and kissed the right asses for 20 yrs. Big deal. I'd rather let Kat Von D have a go at me, at least her work is well done. And doesn't cater to the assholes everyone in the industry hates..the ones that want to know how they can have it removed "just in case"
If anything, this is a staggering step backwards in legitimizing your 'friendly local shop'...this old gray mare should be put out to pasture...bleh!

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