Hell City Redux II: A View from the Stage
11:27 AM
bone tattooing.jpgEarlier this week, I posted Chris Stauber's Hell City Redux, which looked at the show from the point of view of the collector. Today, we have musician and tattoo apprentice, Justin Stitches, and his view from the stage.

When not playing with The Jackalopes
at the show, Justin took tons of great photos. Rock on!

By Justin Stitches

I had the extreme pleasure of being invited with my band The Jackalopes (fronted by tattooist Rev. Chad A. Wells) to play this year's Hell City Killumbus convention on Sunday.  My first thoughts were that the artists were going to be all sorts of pissed at the loud horror-punk noise emanating from the main stage...that and everyone knows that Sundays at conventions are traditionally recovery days for all involved.  However, our set was awesome (despite no on-stage monitors, which is a nightmare, kinda like playing under water) as we actually had a crowd watching, nothing was thrown at us, and if there were any shut-the-fuck-ups lobbed our way, I sure didn't hear 'em.

As for the actual convention, it is definitely one of the best put together tattoo shows in the nation. Durb and company make sure that everyone is well provided for and has a great time.  Attendees can always expect tons of things to see and do, and even the kids can get all painted up at the Heck City area.

durb and lyle.jpg
Organizer and tattooist Durb Morrison with legendary Lyle Tuttle.

The list of artists attending is always a wet dream for tattoo fans and collectors, including  Durb, Robert Hernandez, Mike DeVries, Sean Herman, Tim Kern, Dan Marshall, Joe Capobianco, Rev. Chad A. Wells, Tony Ciavarro, Rich T., Guy Aitchison, Shawn Barber, My Tattoo crew, Mike DeMasi, Jesse Smith...just to name a few.  Even the vendor list was drool-worthy: Alissa Brunelli, Hardnox Clothing, Evolve Jewelry, Pulse, Godoy Machines...

If you missed it in Killumbus, Hell City Phoenix is coming up in September... get ready now!

See more photos here.


Nice! Hell City sounds like a good show. Checking out them Jackalopes right now..

ah, the "no-monitor show"... how i miss thee and the way you make me point all the amps inward like a ring of Conestoga wagons under siege - the way you guarantee that we will biff our vocal harmonies - the way you force me to rely on blind muscle memory as i pray that we all end the song at the same time.

why must you shun my passion and aural-advances, "no-monitor show?" why?

Brian, you wax poetically about something that is so horrid... though it was no fault of anyone involved. They simply weren't ready for band stuff... I ain't hatin cuz we still rocked it. I thought you of all N+S crew members would feel the pain I was enduring though. The rounding of the wagons is an accurate image.

In summation, you use yer mouth purtier than a two dollar whore. ;-)


Great work Jbarb! See you for more rock soon.

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