Objectified Tattooed Men: Stefan
10:47 AM
object-the-little-family.jpgPhoto by Martha Larson of Seattle.

There are Suicide Girls, Gypsy Queens and the Inked Girl of the Day. And we love all that cheesecakey goodness. But where can the ladies and gay boys get a little tattoo eye candy? Well, I'm here to provide.

Last week, I put out a call for hot tattooed men to feature here, and praise be, my Inbox dinged: You Got Male!

But before we objectify our first brave bod, I just wanna say, Keep 'em comin. Send your photos to marisa at needlesandsins.com.

And now meet:  Stefan Lawrence

  • * City: Brooklyn
  • * Age: 31
  • * Relationship status: Married and soon to be daddy [I know, ladies. sigh]
  • * Work: Freelance graphic designer, and sketch comedian with Elephant Larry.
  • * Fun: I like to bake bread, make brisket and pulled pork in the smoker, drink Tiki drinks & whiskey, and collect Disneyland ephemera. Also I like to hold my cats as if they were babies.
  • * Music: Guns 'n Roses, Elvis Presley gospel music, Band of Horses, Andrew WK, Blitzen Trapper, assorted outlaw country. Basically the kind of music you can wear a belt buckle to.
  • * See more: Elephantlarry.com, and Stefanrules.com coming soon (6/17)
  • * The Tattoo: New tattoo work by Virginia Elwood of NY Adorned.
"My wife, Biz, is pregnant and we're about to have a little Katy Belle (that's the baby). I went to Virginia Elwood of NY Adorned with the general idea of the mama, papa and baby bird, with the banner reading "The Little Family," which is what me and Biz were calling it when we would be sleeping in the morning and both our cats were on the bed with us as well. Virginia just sorta took the idea and ran with it. Even though I'm a designer by trade, I like to let artists do their own thing because, really, what do I know about designing a tattoo?

When it came time for the appointment and I saw the design, it was love. Much bigger than I expected, but it looked so fluid and alive -- the way she wrapped the birds around my shoulder and arm, it just looked like it was meant to be there.

It took three sessions, about 6.5 hours total. Virginia was really great to work with, so friendly and easy to spend all that time with. Also she had very nice, interesting friends drop in to visit, so there was nothing about it that wasn't a pleasure. From a distiller friend of hers, I learned that a 100 lb. sack of vodka-quality potatoes costs 3 cents. 3 cents! I mean, come on. Anyway, it was just a great experience, and it's making me look forward to seeing Katy Belle when she pops out of my wife in about another month or so."
Congrats, Stefan and Biz!

Man, my husband and his tattoo are so hot. Of course, I have been objectifying him for years.

Thanks for sharing him with us, Biz! ;)

I think it's AWESOME you are doing this! Hot tattooed men are my guilty pleasure. It's true that no ones has yet to focus just on the men. I do something similar on my site with male porn stars. Keep the hot men coming!

Lucy, your porn stud of the week is wonderfully infamous. Keep rockin!

tattooed hot men... now we're talking!

Hmm, I may have to find a friend who can take good photos!

Aidan, don't delay! ;)

Oh, thank you Marisa! I really needed that today!
And Aidan....hurry up & get us some pics!

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