Objectified Tattooed Men: Albert
04:21 AM
object.jpgI may be on vacation in Greece but I had to take a break from doing nothing to keep my promise of posting regularly scheduled tattooed men to be objectified. Last week, Stefan was a big hit here and on my Facebook page, and I was vigorously encouraged by my girls and gays to continue. For this week, I chose a man who rocks the hot nerd look and has excellent taste in tattoo work, and so without further ado ...

Give some love up for Albert.

* City: Mons, Belgium

* Age: 24

* Relationship status: In a Relationship

* Fun: I like to sing loudly whilst driving

* Music: Ryan Adams and Kanye West

* Website:  www.myspace.com/glass_glimpse

* The Tattoo: The sleeve in progress -- shown unfinished here -- is by uber-talented tattooist Vincent Hocquet of Beautiful Freak Tattoo in St. Idesbald on the Belgian coast. Yup, those Belgians know how to rock the dotwork. The stippling tattoo effect creates the 3-D imagery in the shading. Coincidentally, Vincent is one of the featured artists in my upcoming book on blackwork tattooing. He's also a super sweetie.

If you're a tattooed hottie willing to be ogled, send me your pic at marisa at needlesandsins.com.
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Please most more single men above the age of 30, please. Tell them I may bee willing to be a sugar momma.

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