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tribal lotus tattoo.jpgThe tattoo news this week was all about celebs, conventions, and a little bit of controversy, and to highlight these top stories, I'm posting this photo of Andy shot by Sean Toussaint at Parkside Lounge for my upcoming tattoo book. Andy's tribal lotus tattoo is by Shinji of NY Adorned. Granted, there is no real connection, but considering that my Inbox has been flooded with "check the hot tattooed chicks" emails this week, I felt compelled to respond in kind. In fact, if you're a tattooed man who would like to be objectified by my girls and gays on this blog, please send your photo to marisa at needlesandsins.com.

Ok, unto the news ...

A Georgia man, who forcibly tattooed his 3-year-old son in their trailer home now faces criminal charges of cruelty to children and tattooing a person under the age of 18. The tattoo is letters DB for Daddy's Boy. This guy should find the same fate in jail, Darrell's Bitch perhaps.

The controversy lies in the response to the story on the Atlanta Journal Sentinel blog, asking  Is tattooing a child worse than piercing a baby's ears or circumcising a newborn boy?

"Are tattoos more painful than piercing or circumcision? Not sure that's true.

I'm not promoting tattoos for toddler and babies, I'm just wondering if there is a double standard of what is acceptable to do to a child?"

While there are some obvious responses -- like piercing not having the permanence of tattoos -- the issue does reignite online debates particularly over circumcision. Some of the comments to that post thoughtfully discuss the topic but, alas, most do not. Feel free to share your thoughts below.

In more pleasant conversation, conventions were big news ...

hell city cover.jpg

Columbus media was abuzz with stories on the Hell City show this past weekend, especially Columbus Alive, which devoted much of its pages, online and off to the show. Behold the awesome cover of organizer and tattooist Durb Morrison (shown right) and profiled inside as one of their many "Inked Up" features. Also check the audio slideshow.

The Columbus Dispatch reported on the convention's tattoo competitions, calling them a "grittier version of a beauty pageant." Nice ink coverage, media & tattoos. [Stop that eye rolling!]

More coverage for the NYC Tattoo convention, with Fangoria sharing their experience and photos. [Fangoria's Weekend of Horrors comes to NYC"s Jacob Javits Center next Weekend.]

A small convention in upstate NY, the Mowhawk Valley Tattoo Expo, got coverage as well.

In celeb tattoo news ...

HuffPo is excited over Angelina's small embellishment of her existing tattoos, essentially a small frame of the coordinates of her babies' birthplaces.

We do love our Angie, but Megan Fox may be stealing our affections with the latest news of her wanting to get sleeved:

"Every time I get a tattoo, it's a little f***-you to anyone who tells me not to. I like the way getting a tattoo feels."
Megan graces the June cover of Elle mag, and as The Insider shows, there's the hot back tattoo-baring cover and the more demure one where her Marilyn Monroe portrait on her arm is covered by text. I found the tattooed one at my local Brooklyn press shop. Which is one is your store carrying?

Ah, nice to write about celebrity tattoos without the overwhelming desire to hurt myself. I do so want to see a fully sleeved leading lady. No matter how vapid the news surrounding the latest A-List ink, the impact on how our society views tattoos is greatly affected by celebrity culture. A culture that has sparked many a tattoo as well.

Then there's tattoos in the "luxury market," like Coach's recent attempt to cash in. A massive FAIL in design but always interesting to me how a lowbrow art is being used to hawk highbrow goods.

To meet the new clientele inspired by these changes, tattoo studios themselves are changing. The LA Times looks at the high-end tattoo ateliers setting up shop in Las Vegas casinos. Check the slideshow here.

Am I depressing y'all with all this?

I remain on the fence, embracing the evolution of the art but also but also fondly looking back at my first tattoos, pre-legalization in NYC, where just finding the studio was an adventure in itself.

And while I find myself trippin down memory lane, I'll leave you with some quick and dirty links:

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I think the high end of the tattoo scene is par for the course right now. I think this is partly due to who is getting tattooed now. The collector seems (due to lack of research) to be more affluent and better educated then they used to be and may scoff at going to old school tattoo studios.

The artists are also realizing their full worth and charging for it, with some artists charging up to $450/hr and others charging for not only the tattoo but the design process, this might exclude some of the blue collar clientel that we are used to.

when capt cook, brought Māori tattoo's back to europe it was mainly the wealthy that could afford the exotic hand poked tattoo's. It might just be comming back to that.

(stepping off soapbox)

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