GRAFF: Dash Snow (SACER IRAK) Dies
12:42 PM
dash snow.jpg
Photo from Rivington Arms.

Dash Snow, most widely known to the graffiti community as SACER, founding member of the influential IRAK Crew, passed away a few days ago when the heroin he routinely injected himself with did exactly what you'd expect heroin to eventual do -- OD the addict.

Dash was a heavily tattooed, long haired, aggressive, over-sexed denizen of the Lower East Side (Wait a minute, did I die?) whose death was eulogized across the hipstierer-than-thou blog community by poseurs posters  pretending to know him and trying to dry-hump against the death gleam that extends Warhol's 15 minutes by 1 or 2 extra go-rounds. Even your own Bobby Necro Fisher got in on the convo HERE and HERE.

Of course, the big news boys got onto the bandwagon, hoping to prove a little street credibility and keep from going completely under to the boom of niche publications. 

When you combine all this important journalism, what do we learn? We learn that the flaccid white boy, most often pictured in his cheap Terry Richardson knock-off photographs, was a New York creative maven, his creativity and New York...um...tivity proved, seemingly, by his tattoos, which were more widely portrayed then any of his very important work in graffiti.

Maybe this is because, since he quit writing years ago, the forgetful community, thought little of his career and even less of his death. RIP.

Well said Mr. Fisher, especially on the Bombin' site: Peace to the average man who is gone.

Nice write up.

Major media attempting street cred... will those fuckers ever get a clue? Me thinks never. And good... let the monster die.

Truly sad how someone intensely creative and influential is forgotten until their death... and then everybody knew them and worked with them.


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