Friday Party Update
12:17 PM
tattoo orgy.jpg
Last week, I gave you the deets on our party and exhibit entitled Tattoo Orgy, featuring the portrait photography of Sean Toussaint and music by Lapdance Academy artists Alex Walker and Brian Grosz.

The party starts at Tattoo Culture at 7PM and goes until 10. After-party TBA. But I got more goodness for party goers ...

Because we want this to be an affair of the senses, we're adding to the visual and musical feast two more elements:

Taste:  Tattoo Culture owner, Chris Budd, will be offering sandwiches and easy eats, particularly because Hornitos Sauza Tequila will be a sponsor of the event, and with two cases of premium tequila on hand, we need to feed liquor filled bellies so we don't find resident artist Gene Coffey being used as a skinny tattooed pinata. (Wine and beer will also be served.)

Touch:  Considering the name of the event, and the tattooed models and guests in attendance, we understand that some will want to explore their sense of sexy touch, but this ain't that kinda party. Still, we got your back -- and your shoulders and hands -- with the invitation of Kimanthi Care, Qigong Master and licensed massage therapist, who will be offering acupressure and massage during the party (for reasonable fees).

[Kimanthi takes care of Bri and I regularly; when people ask how we handle our insane schedules, we say, Go to our man Kimanthi, who not only helps us relax but also gets the positive energy flowing via Qigong.]

The only sense missing is smell, and we hope to keep it that way.

Can't wait to see you there tomorrow!

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