Objectified Tattooed Men: Andy
12:26 PM
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Photo of Andy Lin by Sean Toussaint

At last Friday's party, a lot, and I mean A LOT, of women (and a couple of guys) came up to me to say they loved our new "Objectified Tattooed Men" series where we, yeah, objectify tattooed men. As the last three men featured are "taken,"  a request for an unattached hottie was made. At least to help the fantasy along. And I shall not disappoint.

Behold the awesome Andy Lin.

* City:  New York City / Rochester, NY (born)

* Age: 31

* Relationship status: Single (yes, ladies!)

* Work: Photographer / Bartender/ Artistic Coordinator for Other Worlds Are Possible

* Fun: Dodgeball, big buck hunter, cooking, yoga, and lounging around with my cat.

* Music:  right now, listening to the Animals, Bob Dylan, Citizen Cope, Arcade Fire, Souls of Mischief, Van Morrison, The Secret Machines, Wu-Tang, Jeff Buckley, and Johnny Cash.
I used to play in this band: Nozomi Phoenix.

* Tattoo:  Blackwork Lotus by Shinji Horizakura.

"Shinji Horizakura, who is now at Brooklyn Adorned, did it back when he was at New York Adorned on 2nd Ave. My first tattoo.  It's a lotus flower.  With an edge.  But really it's an artistic distillation of who I am, and I feel an accurate one at that: it was created by my ex-girlfriend, someone who knows me better than most.  Save for the outline, which was done by machine, the entire piece was done by the Tebori traditional Japanese hand poke technique.  Getting this tattoo was incredibly meditative and fulfilling.  I got it back in 2006 and it still hasn't settled into my skin.  When I wear a wifebeater, the tattoo peeks out from either side and makes it look like I've got wings." 

See a video of Shinji working by hand (at Miami Ink).

If you wanna be objectified, or are being forced to by your friends, send me a pic and your stats to marisa at needlesandsins.com.

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