Objectified Tattooed Men: Kevin
01:35 PM
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Today, we continue our beautiful, budding tradition of objectifying tattooed men with the addition of Kevin Wilson, manager of NYC's Sacred Tattoo.

And yes, that is a Toucan Sam chestpiece, tattooed by Nate Hough of House of Poncho's in Edgewood, Maryland. [See a close-up of it here.]

Here are Kevin's vitals:
* City: New York City

* Age: 28 going on 45

* Work: Studio manager for NYC's Sacred Tattoo.

* Relationship status: So very taken.

* Fun: I tend to be a workaholic. My downtime is usually spent at home, relaxing, watching movies with the lady. If there is any free time in my schedule, I try to hit the gym even though I'm far from a "gym rat", and maybe go out to see some live music.

* Music: I tend to like anything that can make my little butt wiggle.

* Website: http://www.facebook.com/KevinRCWilson

* The Tattoos:
I'd like to say that most of my tattoos are on the "10 year plan." Since my schedule is always so hectic, it's hard for me to find time getting finished. I've always been into bio organic imagery so my sleeves and back consist mainly of this style. My whole life I've been a class clown so I've tried to incorporate some comical styling into the work I wear. I'm also into horror and gore so you'll hints of that on my body too.

I know what y'all are gonna say, Why are all the hot ones with Fruit Loop tattoos taken? Alas, we are in need of some single tattooed men to ogle. Email me your pic and stats at marisa at needlesandsins.com.

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