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01:39 PM
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Photo by Efrain John Gonzalez of Sean Toussaint, Jaz of Black Lotus & his beautiful clients.

Still recovering from Friday's Needles & Sins launch party, which is a massive blur of beautiful tattooed people and tequila (thanks to our Hornitos Sauza sponsor).

See the photos here.

Included in the Flickr set are photos from Efrain John Gonzales, Pat Sullivan and my own few bad pics including setting up with photographer Sean Toussaint, whose Tattoo Orgy exhibit got people sweaty -- or was it the Brooklyn Ink Spot models showing up in the gorgeous tattooed flesh?

Lapdance Academy rocked acoustic and experimental guitar while Kimanthi Care rubbed people's stress away.

Very special thanks to Chris Budd owner of Tattoo Culture for hosting the party and feeding everyone so the no one stumbled into the hipster wilds of Williamsburg too drunk. I saw resident artist Gene Coffey book a bunch of appointments after party-goers had a chance to peruse his portfolio. Also check out the work of guest artists Martin of Austria and Jake of Australia. [Tattoo Culture is the concierge of international artists, which also include Noon of France and Dan DiMattia of Belgium, bringing diverse artistic tattoo styles to Brooklyn.]

Of course, a big kiss to the many of you who came from all over to celebrate with us. So great meeting new people and hanging out with long-time faves.

Ok, I still need an extra day to rest. Will have the tattoo news up for ya later tomorrow. xoxxo

I think I'm still sweating, two days later..

i think i'm still sweating out Hornitos, that's for sure.

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