Scarlett Takes Manhattan
11:42 AM
The sun is finally shining, Times Square is no longer an MJ memorial, and Scarlett Takes Manhattan has just dropped. It's a beautiful day to be a New Yorker.

The saucy graphic novel by our beloved Molly Crabapple -- of Dr. Sketchy's infamy -- is described as "en erotic romp through Gilded Age New York."

I wanna pick up a copy at the launch party tonight, but alas, I forgot to RSVP and fear it's a full house. Maybe if I pile my red curls up and wiggle into a corset I can pass as the Vaudeville vixen.

For a tease, check Coilhouse's review (complete with [NSFW] illustrations):

"Molly's florid style blends with John Leavitt's writing to reveal 1880s New York's fleshy underbelly. We peek behind closed doors, over corrupt politician's shoulders and under ruffled skirts as Leavitt and Crabapple show an uninhibited girl of humble beginnings traipse through manual labor and sex work to become queen of Vaudeville."

You can pick up a copy of Scarlett Takes Manhattan at Amazon or these book launch events:

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