"Ink & Stay" in Venice Beach
01:52 PM

Going through the tattoo news, I found this "Ink & Stay" promo for the Hotel Erwin. From now until December 30, 2009, the Venice Beach hotel is luring tattoorati with the following:

* a $100 voucher for their  "in‐house tattoo and graffiti artist" Norm
* Lubriderm lotion and ice‐pack for healing
* Bottle of tequila to numb the pain

There's also a $500 bonus if you get a tattoo that says "I HEART HOTEL ERWIN" but don't do this unless your bod is only worth less than a two-night stay. Rates start at around $400/night for the boutique hotel.

Or sleep on the beach and use all the money at Spotlight Tattoo where Norm currently works.

Check this video of Norm decorating the hotel's facade ... legally.

The news is up next.
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My name is Matt Greene. I’m writing because I will be in the area in a couple weeks (mid September) and I’ll be looking for a job tattooing. My goal is to find work there and move down there from Utah as soon as possible. Anyways, I was wondering if you were looking for any new artists. I’ve been tattooing for about 3 years now, more seriousely for the last year. I appreticed for 6 months and have worked in a couple of shops here in Utah. I know I need to become a better artist and my work has a lot of room for improvement and I know that working in a shop is the best way to accomplish my goals. I’m very seriouse about tattoing as a career. Bottom line is I was hoping It would be cool if I came in and spoke with you about work when I’m down there. I’ll have my porfolio with me then and you can see my past work as well. Feel free to write me back and or even call me at 801-400-9952 if you would like. I look forward to speaking with you.
Thank You,
Matt Greene

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