New Advertiser: Devil City Press
12:21 PM
daredevil tattoo.jpg
It's a good day when a hot tattooed blond -- who knows how to wield a tattoo machine -- hands you a check and says, "Sweet. I'm your first advertiser." Sweet, indeed.

Le blonde is the fabulous Michelle Myles of NYC's Dare Devil and Fun City Tattoo who has put together a site called Devil City Press, where you can not only learn of all the behind-the-scenes action from those two inconic studios, but also see the latest tattoo work from their roster of top artists, and read the artists' musings on tattoo culture, like Michelle's take on the Jeff Johnson book or why it's not cool to suck on your boyfriend's fingers when he's getting tattooed. That kinda stuff.

The latest post was on Dare Devil and Le Roi shackin up, which I'm excited about because I'm looking for a surface piercing to cover up a scar and Le Roi is renowned for top piercers and quality jewelry [will blog on that myself when I make my appointment].

One of my fave online features of the Dare Devil sites is the videos -- especially the Tattoo Wars show where Michelle won for best Americana tattoo.

Check the tattoo goodness!

To also advertise on Needles + Sins, hit me up through the contact link. The news is up next.

to you, N+S and the Devil...

I'm going to have to get some work from Dare Devil, I hope they do walk ins.

yea boy.

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