Tattoo Cover Ups
02:08 PM
Yesterday, I wrote about yet another tattoo ban for cops, this time in St. Louis, and it reminded me of a story I read last month in the American Chronicle on a tattoo cover-up created by a former LA Deputy Sheriff and a Marine Corps Vet called Ink Armor.

Ink Armor basically looks like nude stockings for your arms, just thicker, although the company says that the material is "lightweight and breathable."

The full sleeve fits from the upper arm to the wrist while the half sleeve goes to the elbow. They sell for around twenty to fifteen bucks respectively and come in four sizes for men and women.

Only two colors are available, however, "light" and "suntan."

To see how it works, check this video.

The tattoo cover ups are largely marketed to those who work for companies with "no visible tattoos" policies -- and in fact, they offer a list of such companies and public departments on their blog -- but Ink Armor also targets people with "extensive scarring or disfiguring skin conditions."

I'm tempted to place an order, although not for work where I wear long sleeve suits as a rule, but more for my trips to the motherland, where heavily tattooed women are considered the greatest Greek tragedy.

Also in the news today ...

Kat Von D's tattoo concealer for Sephora, also only available for light skinned people. I tried it myself. It didn't work. I had a make-up artist at Sephora apply it for me and after brushing on numerous layers, the small tattoo on my hand -- the one that gives me the most trouble because it's hard to conceal -- was still very visible. So we wiped it off and I asked to see other tattoo cover-ups. None that she used on me worked, so I'm not just hatin on the Von D product.

The one that came the closest to covering my tattoo was Conceal FX Camouflage Concealer, which is thicker, waterproof, and comes in a variety of skin tone shades. The price tag is $25. The problem was that it was really cakey and actually drew attention to my hand.

I haven't tried Dermablend or Colortration, but some swear by those tattoo concealers. I plan on odering and will let you know how they work.

Right now, my regular solution for my hand tattoo: fabric waterproof Bandaids.

i don't get it. can't ya just wear long sleeves at these lame ass retail jobs? most people i work with know i have sleeves but i wear long sleeve shirts because i don't want my arms to be a distraction.

i hear Dermablend is the only way to go.

what a strange world that in 10 years or less we have gone from arm stockings that mimic tattoos (the kind you can get around halloween at spencer's) to arm stockings to cover your REAL tatts!
and its made by a cop!

what a world, its a big laugh
or maybe a bad joke

As much as I hate to admit it, the possibility of not finding an employer "cool" (better yet, creative) enough to handle a sleeve is probably one, sub-conscious thing that makes it difficult for me to settle on a design.

But great post! I never knew this armor existed until...yesterday! This week I'm chilling at Mount St, Scholastica, a Benedictine monastery in Atchison, KS, and during midday prayer I saw the gracious sister next to me donning the armor. She smiled at me and squeezed my hand, and although it could be covering anything - from the gorgeous to the grotesque - it tickles me to think about the possibility of ink on Sister X.

I have used dermablend, it takes a lot of layers and drying patience, and it looks a bit cakey as well. Also, damn near impossible to get off without buying their removal solution, yet still managed to stain my shirt after it had dried.

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