Tattooed Love Boys
08:51 PM
A little while ago, I was coming off a literal high from Anti-Gravity Yoga at Crunch gym and decided to settled down on the stationary bike with the September issue of Blackbook mag.
In my zen-like state, I flipped through the Fall fashion preview (the season is all S/M ya know) and came to a punk-inspired spread that they called "Tattooed Love Boys," playing off the old Pretender's song by the same name.

Now, some of you may remember from my old Needled blog days that my biggest argument with fashion mags was that they'd feature heavily tattooed models but never credit the artists whose work is shown. If they credit hair and make-up artists and stylists, why not the tattooists?

That question was first posed to me by legendary tattooist Spider Webb about ten years ago. Back then, you didn't have the mass appeal of tattooing as you do today in mainstream media nor as many heavily tattooed models. But today, high fashion tattoo models are ubiquitous in magazines, and their agencies need to be providing editors with tattoo artist credits especially when the tattoos are central to the spread like they are in this month's Blackbook.

Check the full Blackbook layout on the Steel Machines blog.

What you won't be able to read clearly is the credits at the end of that layout, which not only include hair, make-up, stylists, their assistants, interns, but even the freakin caterers. It seems egregious to have a full page of a sleeve and hand tattoo and not note the canvas on which the Cartier rests. But the guy who delivered your paninis, no prob.

And so I'm pissed. And right after yoga no less.

Time to write some letters to the editors.
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